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preview of multicolor photoshop brushes in bundle, including impressionist photoshp brushes, wet paint special effects brushes, gold effects via photoshop brushes, tie-dye brushes, watercolor brushes

Download the Multicolor Photoshop Brush Sampler!

I have hand-picked over 60 of my very FAVORITE multicolor and color-blending Photoshop brushes, and now you can download them all instantly in a carefully organized and easy to install bundle! For Photoshop CS6+ 

Multicolor Photoshop Brush Sampler!

Creators Couture Foundation Techniques

Whether you are brand new, or just need a refresher, taking a few minutes to understand the foundation techniques will save you tons of time and open up a whole new world of creativity!

  • multicolor impressionist brush strokes next to a painting by Van Gogh

    #1: Multicolor Impressionist Brush Technique

    Learn the foundations of my revolutionary, Adobe-featured Photoshop brush technique that has been featured on Adobe Creative Cloud multiple times!

    Impressionist Brush Tutorial 
  • sample of Jewel and Crystal layer styles in Photoshop over an encrusted gold background

    #2: Using Photoshop Layer Styles to Enhance Artwork

    Photoshop Layer styles are an amazing way to add texture, sparkle, depth, gold, metallic effects, and more to your illustrations and designs.

    Layer Styles Tutorial 
  • wet paint brush strokes in Photoshop overlapping and blending

    #3: Photoshop Wet & Dry Mixer Brush Techniques

    In this foundation tutorial, I show you how I am able to create amazing, dimensional, color-blending brush strokes using the Photoshop mixer brush.

    Mixer Brush Tutorial 

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Photoshop Brush Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import and install brushes into Photoshop?

To install Photoshop brushes, open the Brushes panel in Photoshop by going to Window > Brushes. Click the menu in the top right of the panel and select Get More Brushes. Locate your brush pack on your computer, and select it. Your Photoshop brushes will now be installed in the Brushes panel, ready to use! For more detailed information on the multicolor Impressionist brush technique click here for the full foundation tutorial, or for the wet paint mixer brush technique, click here for the full foundation tutorial

How do I find the tutorial for my Photoshop brushes?

I have created a handy PDF guide which walks you through the Photoshop brush foundation tutorials, and has links to every product and tutorial playlist you will need to make the most of your new Photoshop brushes. Download the guide and keep it handy whenever you need to find a tutorial quickly. 

How do I paint in multiple colors using Photoshop brushes? 

I have pioneered a revolutionary technique using the Photoshop pattern stamp tool, which allows you to paint in amazing, multicolor brush strokes as never imagined before! I go over this technique thoroughly in this foundation tutorial, which will get you creating sensational multicolor brush strokes in minutes! 

How do I create a wet paint effect in Photoshop? 

In this foundation tutorial, I show you how I am able to create amazing, dimensional, color-blending brush strokes using the Photoshop mixer brush. My specially designed brushes and revolutionary multicolor sampling process makes it effortless for you to create a wet paint brush stroke effect in minutes! 

How do I create an Impressionist art effect on a photograph using Photoshop brushes? 

I created a set of breakthrough technique, which let you turn a photograph into an amazing digital painting without drawing a thing using only the power of specially designed Photoshop brushes! I even partnered with Adobe Creative Cloud to bring all Adobe users a free brush sampler of these amazing brushes! Learn all about this technique HERE and don’t forget to download your free set of brushes directly from Adobe Creative Cloud! 

How do I create a metallic gold brush stroke effect using Photoshop brushes? 

Creating metallic gold brush strokes in Photoshop is super easy with my specially designed Photoshop brushes! You can use the 24K Liquid metallic gold brushes for when you want metallic liquid gold brush strokes that blend and mix colors. I also have the 3D Metallic Gold brushes which create stunning dimensional metallic brush strokes in Photoshop! 

What kinds of brushes can I find on Creators Couture?

Impressionist Multicolor Photoshop Brushes: These Impressionist effect Photoshop brushes let you create amazing multicolor brush strokes that Van Gogh would be proud of. Inspired by the Impressionist artists such as Monet, Cézanne, Cassatt, and Renoir, these brushes let you create small visible brushstrokes in many colors within a single Photoshop brush stroke! Featured on Adobe Creative Cloud! 

Liquid Metallic Gold Photoshop Brushes: Instantly paint in 24K metallic gold liquid brush strokes in Photoshop. Add dimensional metallic gold brush stroke accents to your graphic designs, illustrations, surface patterns, and artwork with these revolutionary wet paint mixer brushes that emulate a wet and dry metallic gold painted effect! 

Tie-Dye Watercolor Photoshop and Procreate Brushes: These dynamic multicolor tie-dye brushes for Photoshop & Procreate let you create watercolor and tie dye effects effortlessly. These are great for print on demand and clothing designs! Instantly add multicolor tie-dye accents to all of your illustrations, surface designs, patterns, designs and artwork! 

3D Metallic Gold Photoshop Brushes: Effortlessly generate stunning 3D Metallic gold brushstrokes within Photoshop using the color-blending Photoshop mixer brush tool. This unique Photoshop brush system allows you to add three-dimensional gold strokes and accents to your designs and illustrations.

Iridescent & Holographic Photoshop brushes: Create amazing holographic and iridescent artwork and designs with these multicolor and color-mixing Photoshop brushes. This collection also contains specially designed iridescent color palettes, and you can watch the colors dance around as you paint the Photoshop brushstrokes to create realistic iridescent and holographic effects. 

Wet Paint Color-Mixing Photoshop Brushes: These Photoshop mixer brushes let you create realistic wet and dry paint effects and multicolor brush strokes that blend together like real paint! Using my wet paint brushes, you can blend and mix brushstrokes in Photoshop like it was a real canvas. You can also create effect you can ONLY get with digital color mixing, to create magical iridescent and metallic strokes! 

Impressionist Painted Effect Photoshop Brushes: These revolutionary brushes allow you to turn a photographic image into an impressionist artwork using the power of Photoshop. Paint over photos, controlling the brush stroke and direction so that your Impressionist artwork is truly your own and never looks computer generated. From photograph to Impressionist artwork in minutes! 

Glitch Effect Photoshop Brushes: These digital glitch brushes are multicolored and multidimensional! They can be used to create all types of artwork with all kinds of color-blending glitch brush effects! It’s a new matrix of brush creativity! Create sacred geometry inspired art, these brushes are a mix of digital and organic, forming helix-like brush strokes that look different depending on the stroke direction. Embrace the ‘glitchcore’ aesthetic! 

Marble Photoshop Brushes: These magical and multicolor dynamic brushes allow you to create amazing dimensional marble effects in your artwork, designs and illustrations! Creating marble inspired art with these brushes is especially beautiful when paired with my jewel and gemstone layer styles. A whole new world of marble art awaits! 

Galaxy, Celestial, & Space Inspired Photoshop Brushes: These celestial themed multicolor Photoshop brushes are perfect for all of your mystical, space and zodiac / esoteric themed creative projects and creating dimensional galaxy effects. The galaxy brushes include beautiful celestial color palettes, plus bonus Zodiac / Horoscope illustration brushes. 

Multicolor Floral & Foliage Photoshop Brushes: Create watercolor floral and foliage inspired brushstrokes with a single multicolor brush stroke! They are designed to create foliage and garden-like impressionist digital brush strokes when painting in Photoshop. Perfect for feminine and wedding inspired graphic design projects, surface pattern designs, and illustrations. 

Artistic & Autumn Themed Multicolor Photoshop Brushes: This versatile brush studio has a selection of autumn themed color palettes and foliage brushes, but these artistic brushes can be used all year long to add amazing color-blending brush strokes to your artwork, illustration and graphic design projects. 

Impressionist Masters Color Palettes: Paint in the colors of the REAL Impressionist masters with these multicolor Color Palettes specially designed for the Impressionist Brushes. I carefully sampled colors from the Impressionist masters, so that you can instantly paint in the colors of Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas!

Renaissance Inspired Gilded Brocade Photoshop Brushes: These brocade pattern brushes were inspired and sampled from real Renaissance brocade pattern textiles. Use these luxe pattern brushes with the multicolor technique or create shimmering gilded brocade accents for your designs using the mixer brush option! 

Tulle & Organza Lace Multicolor Photoshop Brushes: Inspired by Haute Couture, these lush multicolor artistic brushes have the texture of tulle and organza built in. Add a fashionable touch of tulle and lace to your graphics, illustrations, and designs with these unique light textured organza brushes! 

Feather-Inspired Painterly & Artistic Photoshop Brushes: These multicolor Photoshop brushes create artistic and feathery strokes with lush feather textures inside the stroke. They add truly unique painterly accents to your designs, illustrations and artwork. Create real artistic painterly effects with a feather inspiration! 

Gem, Crystal, & Birthstone Photoshop Brushes: Create your own jewel, gemstone, and pearl artwork using the brushes and color palettes I created myself for my own projects. Includes a step by step tutorial on how to create jewel and gemstone inspired artwork. Color palettes sampled from REAL gems, crystals and birthstones. 

Realistic Natural Media & Watercolor Photoshop Brushes: This versatile and edited collection of pressure sensitive natural media Photoshop brushes are your new brush staples. Use these fashion-inspired brushes to create bold textural strokes that get noticed! Inspired by watercolor, charcoal, pastels, oil paint, pencils, ink and more! 

Pattern Painter Photoshop Brushes: These artistic and hand drawn multicolor Photoshop brushes are inspired by animal prints such as leopard, snakeskin, giraffe, and abstract pattern designs. These pattern brushes help you add texture, artistic style and a hand drawn touch to your artwork. They are fresh, funky and imperfectly drawn pressure-sensitive pattern painting brushes. 

Floral & Lace Watercolor Photoshop Brushes: These lush watercolor inspired Photoshop brushes have lace and floral textures built in for an amazing multicolor floral and lace painted effect! They are perfect for floral, feminine, and wedding designs and creative projects. Creates a gauzy, romantic, floral effect in a single multicolor brush stroke! 

Textile & Fiber Artistic Photoshop Brushes: Use these textile inspired multicolor Photoshop brushes to accent your graphic design and illustration projects with fabric, fiber and textile inspired painterly thread-like brush strokes! Includes haute couture inspired color palettes. 

Rainbow Photoshop Brushes: Create rainbow magic in a single brush stroke with these multicolor rainbow effect Photoshop brushes. They are bold, bright and edgy and allow you to create rainbow brush strokes with the click of a mouse or pen. 

Exotic Leopard and Animal Print Multicolor Photoshop Brushes: Perfect for your exotic print, pattern and design projects. Inspired by leopard print, zebra print, and giraffe prints, these multicolor photoshop brushes are bold, beautiful, and versatile. Includes specially designed jungle color palettes. 

Watercolor Party Multicolor Photoshop Brushes: These multicolor Photoshop brushes have an impressionist effect, with beautiful watercolor mixes, directional color daubs, confetti inspired brushes, and much more! They are perfect for a bold feminine vibe, inspired by colors of Palm Beach. There is literally a party in a brush with these fun, watercolor Impressionist Photoshop brushes. 

Artistic Tulle and Lace Photoshop Brushes: These hand-drawn, fashion-inspired Photoshop brushes are inspired by fantastic tulle and lace textures in couture and runway gowns. There are lush dreamy lace and gauze textures within these watercolor inspired, pressure-sensitive digital brushes! They combine the look of an artistic paint brush stroke with the look and texture of lace and tulle. 

Ice, Snow & Winter Photoshop Brushes: This movie inspired layer styles collection includes a unique set of digital brushes inspired by ice, snow, crystals, and artistic winter effects. Pair them up with the icy layer styles for an amazing Frozen effect in your winter-themed printable designs and more! 

Hand-Drawn Textured Impressionist and Pattern Photoshop Brushes: Packaged with a beautiful citrus themed color palette collection, these multicolor digital brushes let you add gorgeous texture effects and pattern effects using the multicolor pattern stamp brush technique. They are hand drawn and give a very hand drawn effect to all of your art and designs! 

Seaweed & Coral Hand Drawn Illustrated Photoshop Brushes: Perfect for gorgeous aquatic creations inspired by undersea and coral themes. These illustrated pattern brushes were inspired by seaweed, coral, kelp, algae, and marine plants. A perfect mix of stamp and vine style digital brushes! 

Wet Paint-Pulling Ikat Effect Photoshop Brushes: Create amazing Ikat / wet paint textures, backgrounds and patterns with these specially designed digital brushes which utilize the Photoshop mixer brush tool. Comes with an exclusive video to show you how easy it is to use these brushes for a paint-pulling and Ikat effect! 

Hand-Drawn Starry Photoshop Brushes: This collection of starry digital brushes is included in this Champagne creative kit, and adds a hand-drawn touch of luxe to your designs with starry accents! Simple and elegant! 

Hand-Drawn Tropical Leaf & Vine Pattern Photoshop Brushes: Create vine and botanical motifs in a flash with these delicate digital brushes inspired by vegetation, leaves, vines and other botanical motifs. Give a hand-drawn botanical touch to all of your art, illustration and graphic design projects! 

Procreate Tie-Dye Watercolor Brush Studio: Tie-Dye Brushes for Procreate! These refined tie-dye brushes are realistic, modern and allow you to make watercolor tie-dye effects in Procreate easily. I scanned and sampled real tie-dye patterns and use them as the base for these amazing brushes! 

Soft & Delicate Translucent Watercolor Effect Photoshop & Procreate Brushes: These whisper-thin, multicolor delicate digital brushes are perfect for adding soft and translucent watercolor-inspired brush strokes in your creative projects. The brushes are pressure sensitive and you can build up the opacity like real watercolor!