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Foundation Tutorial #1

Multicolor Impressionist Brush Technique

Learn the foundations of my revolutionary, Adobe-featured Photoshop brush technique that has been featured on Adobe Creative Cloud multiple times!

Multicolor Photoshop Brush Technique
sample of Jewel and Crystal layer styles in Photoshop over an encrusted gold background

foundation tutorial #2

Using Photoshop Layer Styles to Enhance Artwork

Photoshop Layer styles are an amazing way to add texture, sparkle, depth, gold, metallic effects, and more to your illustrations and designs.

Photoshop Layer Styles Technique

foundation tutorial #3

Photoshop Wet & Dry Mixer Brush Techniques

In this foundation tutorial, I show you how I am able to create amazing, dimensional, color-blending brush strokes using the Photoshop mixer brush.

Mixer Brush Tutorial

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Creators Couture brush samples

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I am live streaming and adding valuable new tutorials every single week. I firmly believe that although my Photoshop tools and techniques are amazing, the real value I can give is in showing you what to do with your new resources!

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