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'Instapressionist' Photoshop Brushes: Impressionist Painting Effect for Photos

'Instapressionist' Photoshop Brushes: Impressionist Painting Effect for Photos

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This revolutionary new technique has been featured on ADOBE CREATE! You can download a FREE 5 brush sampler EXCLUSIVELY on the Adobe website.

This complete set of 100 'Instapressionist' color-blending brushes takes advantage of Adobe Photoshop’s Pattern Stamp tool and allows Photoshop users of any skill level to turn a photographic image into creative and unique digital artwork. You simply grab a brush, start painting, and watch the magic unfold.  

NOW compatible with CS5+! For CS5 users, simply load the TPL file instead of the ABR file! Everything else is the same! 

Hacking the pattern stamp tool to create artistic, impressionist digital art without drawing ANYTHING!

This NEW technique combines not only the below-the-radar pattern stamp tool, but also the under-loved BRISTLE brush engine in Photoshop. By carefully developing a set of brushes based on this rather-overlooked standard within Photoshop, I was able to tailor a set of brushes that painted the pattern in a generally aligned manner, dispersing the pattern JUST enough to create an amazing impressionist version of whatever base photo or image you are using. You literally are painting in photos, and this technique and brush combination allows Photoshop users of ANY skill level to create creative, artistic digital artwork from an image without it looking like a computer generated effect. You simply grab a brush and start painting and watch the Photoshop brush magic unfold!

The beauty of this technique and specially developed brushes is that it is 100% pure photoshop brushes! There are no complicated actions, layer styles, filters or plugins!

Included in the download is...

  • The complete collection of 100 Instapressionist Brushes
  • A brush preview guide
  • Tutorial Playlist

Ideas for Use:

  • Create illustrated travel posters and brochures
  • Use photographs as base for illustrations
  • Social media graphics
  • Artistic touches to your fine art photography
  • Add drama and movement to areas of your photos
  • create digital products for sale
  • Illustrated Pet portraits
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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