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Illustrator Thread Brushes for a Hand-Embroidered Illustration Effect

Illustrator Thread Brushes for a Hand-Embroidered Illustration Effect

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Happy Stitches! Nothing like it has been seen in Illustrator! Even if you aren't used to working in Illustrator, these brushes can't be easier to use, and it's definitely going to be your new obsession! Happy stitches ahead!

Digital Embroidery Magic! These revolutionary digital embroidery brushes allow you to create realistic and dimension embroidery and thread inspired artwork SO EASILY! I've spent months tediously creating this creative kit, which includes pre-colored brushes for effortless illustration, ready-made backgrounds and digital 'hoops', realistic layer styles to add the final dramatic touch to your design, and easy-to-follow in-depth tutorials! 

Update Monday, March 30, 2020: I've just spent ALL weekend updating the main 4 brushes! After my original launch last Thursday and after a bit of experimenting, I've discovered a way to make the brushes MORE dimensional right within Illustrator, expanded the color range, and tapered the ends of brushes 1 and 3 for a more realistic stitching effect! I'm BEYOND excited to share this even more fabulous set with you all, and stay tuned this week, because I am going to be making demos and tutorials featuring the NEW, even more REALISTIC brushes!

Strikingly beautiful, realistic embroidery stitch brushes for Adobe Illustrator CC! I've literally spent MONTHS of TONS of trial and error, tweaking and perfecting, all so you can just have fun and CREATE! Not only that, I then took hours and HOURS to pre-color EACH of the 4 styles in 122 different colors... all so that you can just pick up a brush and start CREATING and PLAYING! 

Be sure to check out my new blog post, where I go more in detail about creating this collection, and you can also download a FREE brush sampler to get you started! Whether you are a designer, illustrator, hobbyist or even someone who has never used Adobe Illustrator before, I hope you enjoy this brush sampler from my collection and have a little fun while you might be stuck at home! If you have a little time, try some relaxing digital 'hand-embroidery' and maybe it will just bring you a bit of joy and calm! 

As I've mentioned before, I created these special brushes to have an almost zero learning curve, so even if you aren't fluent in Illustrator... trust me... you can use these brushes! Of course, I have created a complete collection of my trademark tutorial videos to help you get the absolute MOST from your NEW OBSESSION!

Changing the way you think about Illustrator! I myself am a huge Photoshop user, using Illustrator only selectively. But there are some incredible things you can only do in Illustrator, and these Embroidery brushes are a great example of harnessing the best of Illustrator’s power! Even if you’re not a regular Illustrator user, what you can do with these brushes will totally lure you in for some fun!

The Happy Stitches Collection Includes:

Adobe Illustrator CC Brush Libraries: The 4 unique embroidery stitch / thread styles include 122 pre-colored thread brushes EACH to cover all of your needs. Not only that, I've included a color overlay stitch that you can use in Illustrator (along with a tutorial on how to do so) to re-color any stitch if you need a slightly different color. 

Metallic Brush Collection: 7 different styles of metallic stitches, in various shades of gold, silver and rose gold, for a total of 39 different metallic stitches!

Copy and Paste Brush Charts / Art-boards: I have set up and organized copy and paste brush charts with all of the pre-colored brushes already applied to a sample stroke, as well as one for the fabric background styles for Illustrator!

READY-MADE Backgrounds for Ai: 20 neutral fabric and hoop backgrounds all ready to go, so that you can dive into your digital embroidery journey without having to set anything up! 

Thread styles for Adobe Illustrator: I've created subtle drop shadow styles for illustrator so that you can have EXTRA realism as you work. It's really a game changer!

Editable Digital Hoop: I've included 2 Photoshop files, which include an editable digital hoop where you can change the fabric color and style, as well as the fabric and color of the background to create your perfect 'digital' embroidery background!

Photoshop Bonus Styles: For the times when you might want to finish off a design in Photoshop, or combine it with other artwork for a mixed media piece, I've created special layer styles for the thread and stitches to give you an extra boost of realism via a subtle bevel and emboss and drop shadow! I've also created the fabric backgrounds as a layer style, which you can apply to any color to create a fabric in that color!

In-depth Tutorials: I took the time to make a HUGE tutorial playlist to walk you through all the aspects of working with the new Embroidery brushes. There are 9 videos included, and I give you all kinds of tips and tricks for getting the most out of these revolutionary new brushes! Whether you want to just start playing around with them, or whether you want to go more in-depth and grow your illustration techniques, I’ve got you covered. The playlist is organized and ordered so that you can jump in with the basics or go more advanced!

Don't have Illustrator CC? These brushes work with the latest copy of Adobe Illustrator CC. Illustrator CC has image brush technology which is crucial for these brushes. What's great is that if you don't have this program, you can download a FREE TRIAL HERE! What's even cooler, is that if you have an iPad, you can stream/connect your iPad screen to your computer via Astropad app (universal) and Sidecar (mac). Stay tuned, I plan on doing some demos on my iPad! How cozy it will be to sit on the sofa and relax with some hand-embroidery using Illustrator! 

What version of Illustrator do I need to use the Happy Stitches brushes?

You MUST have Illustrator CC to use these brushes, as they are image based. 

What level of Illustrator knowledge do I need to have to use these brushes? 

You should know some illustrator basics, like how to open a document and use brushes, but I give you a ton of instruction on how to use these revolutionary brushes whether or not you generally work in Illustrator. I have to admit, I work primarily in Photoshop myself, but there are SUCH amazing things you can do with Illustrator that you simply can’t do in Photoshop. These brushes are a great example, you simply can’t do this in Photoshop.

What about the quality of image brushes?

Adobe introduced image brushes with Adobe CC, and they are a simply phenomenal use of Illustrator technology to do things that you simply can’t do with traditional vector brushes. With the new image brush technology in illustrator, the beautiful detail of these painted strokes can be applied to a live path! They are 300dpi print resolution quality, are large enough to fit almost every need, and have the super high image quality you’ve come to expect from my products.

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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Cutest 2D stitches ever!

They're 2-D, but they totally look 3-dimensional! There's so much detail to make them have texture. There's such a wide array of colors, texture, and backgrounds included in the package which makes it beyond worth the purchase. All of the Creators Couture brushes and sets are packed with options that will always stay fresh!