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Frequently Asked Questions About Photoshop Brushes

How do I import and install brushes into Photoshop?

To install Photoshop brushes, open the Brushes panel in Photoshop by going to Window > Brushes. Click the menu in the top right of the panel and select Get More Brushes. Locate your brush pack on your computer, and select it. Your Photoshop brushes will now be installed in the Brushes panel, ready to use! For more detailed information on the multicolor Impressionist brush technique click here for the full foundation tutorial, or for the wet paint mixer brush technique, click here for the full foundation tutorial

How do I find the tutorial for my Photoshop brushes?

I have created a handy PDF guide which walks you through the Photoshop brush foundation tutorials, and has links to every product and tutorial playlist you will need to make the most of your new Photoshop brushes. Download the guide and keep it handy whenever you need to find a tutorial quickly. 

How do I paint in multiple colors using Photoshop brushes? 

I have pioneered a revolutionary technique using the Photoshop pattern stamp tool, which allows you to paint in amazing, multicolor brush strokes as never imagined before! I go over this technique thoroughly in this foundation tutorial, which will get you creating sensational multicolor brush strokes in minutes! 

How do I create a wet paint effect in Photoshop? 

In this foundation tutorial, I show you how I am able to create amazing, dimensional, color-blending brush strokes using the Photoshop mixer brush. My specially designed brushes and revolutionary multicolor sampling process makes it effortless for you to create a wet paint brush stroke effect in minutes! 

How do I create an Impressionist art effect on a photograph using Photoshop brushes? 

I created a set of breakthrough technique, which let you turn a photograph into an amazing digital painting without drawing a thing using only the power of specially designed Photoshop brushes! I even partnered with Adobe Creative Cloud to bring all Adobe users a free brush sampler of these amazing brushes! Learn all about this technique HERE and don’t forget to download your free set of brushes directly from Adobe Creative Cloud! 

How do I create a metallic gold brush stroke effect using Photoshop brushes? 

Creating metallic gold brush strokes in Photoshop is super easy with my specially designed Photoshop brushes! You can use the 24K Liquid metallic gold brushes for when you want metallic liquid gold brush strokes that blend and mix colors. I also have the 3D Metallic Gold brushes which create stunning dimensional metallic brush strokes in Photoshop!