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Galaxy Multi-Color Photoshop Brushes: Mystical, Celestial, Space-Inspired Brushes

Galaxy Multi-Color Photoshop Brushes: Mystical, Celestial, Space-Inspired Brushes

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Mystical, magical, and multi-color! These GALAXY Photoshop brushes allow you to effortlessly create space and galaxy inspired graphics, illustrations, digital backgrounds, and more! 

I developed these cosmic color-blending brushes for my own series of Zodiac illustrations, but they are so useful for all types of space and galaxy inspired artwork, which is very popular right now! Not only that, I created 15 amazing pre-blended color palettes sampling colors from space photos and including my own blends of galaxy colors! For Photoshop CS6+ 

Don't forget you can mix and match color palettes and brushes from ALL of my Impressionist Brush + Color Blending Collections!

Included in the download is...

  • 29 Galaxy Inspired Color Blending Photoshop brushes
  • 12 Zodiac / Horoscope Hand-Illustrated Icon Stamp Brushes
  • 15 Impressionist Palettes: A .PAT Photoshop Pattern file to load and use with the Color Blending Impressionist Brushes or ANY of the Impressionist Brushes for Photoshop by Creators Couture
  • 15 Wet Paint Galaxy Palettes and Creamy Brush Sampler
  • 2 Gold Meteor and Asteroid Photoshop Brushes
  • Mini 24K Gold Palette for Meteor Brushes
  • 20 Solid Colors saved as .ACO Photoshop color palette

Ideas for Use:

  • Galaxy and space inspired digital textures and backgrounds
  • Create Mystical social media graphics
  • Templates and illustrations for sale
  • Blog and pinterest graphics
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

Have a question? Send me a message!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan L
So much joy!

These brushes are so cool and fun. I can get absolutely nothing constructive done in so many hours because they are so much fun, also mesmerizing and highly addictive. Also, Jessica, thanks for your generosity, all the freebies and updates are fantastic!

Jutta Wolfram
As fascinating as the universe out there

These Galaxy brushes hit the heart of anyone fascinated by the beauty of the Universe. Jessica has created very detailed brushes that set no limits to the fantasy of creating an own Universe. The various brushes allow to give depth to the creations just as the Galaxy looks on real NASA photos. The colour palettes were very meticulously modelled by Jessica on the colour spectrum of the Universe. As with other brush sets, Jessica has added a touch of luxury - in the golden asteroid and meteor brushes and the golden zodiac signs. Simply excellent!

Sidney Kapinos

Fantastic brushes - I am loving them! So many possibilities.

Stellar! (pun intended)

Everything Jessica creates always makes me say "ooooh! I need it!" but this is one of my favorites. I've been a customer for years and she always builds solid products. I highly recommend this or any of her brush packages! There's really no end to what you can create.

Rachel Bostwick
Pretty and Easy to Use

Galaxy is my favorite and these are a delight 💞

Thank you so much Rachel!! Happy creating! xx Jess