Earn 30% Commission by Sharing Your Favorite Photoshop Brushes with the Creators Couture Affiliate Program

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Welcome to the Creators Couture Affiliate Program. Start sharing your favorite Photoshop brushes and creative resources and earn a generous 30% commission! You don't need to have an audience to start earning!

I'll be short and to the point here! I am here to make it easy and PROFITABLE to share my industry recognized Photoshop brushes and digital resources. As many of you already know, I create game-changing, industry-recognized Photoshop brushes and tutorials that everyone can do - regardless of drawing ability! I am also a featured livestreamer and subscription creator on Behance, Adobe's Portfolio site.

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I want to spend as much time as possible creating new tutorials and amazing new resources, so I am launching my affiliate program so that you can share the products you love (even if you have ZERO AUDIENCE) and make great commissions doing so! Rising tides raise all ships, and the more people I have sharing my products on websites like Pinterest, the more I can focus on creating new and amazing content! My brushes and tools absolutely sell themselves, so it's just all about helping me get them in front of fresh eyes and collecting that generous commission! 

It's EASY to share!
Simply share products on your social networks with your unique tracking link or coupon code, and referrals who sign-up will be tracked back to your partner code.

Enjoy your 30% Cut!
Earn 30% commission on any new or returning customer purchases made within 30 days of clicking your link! Once you share my brushes on sites like Pinterest, your link can be making you money indefinitely! 

How to get started earning money by sharing? 

  1. Fill out this short application for my affiliate program. You'll get a confirmation email that your form is submitted, and I will quick check it over and approve you as an affiliate. Don't worry at all if you don't have a social media following, it truly does not matter. There are still many easy ways to share and earn! 
  2. Once you are approved, you can login to your dashboard to get your custom referral link. When people visit the store using your link, you get commissions on everything they buy for the next 30 days
  3. Start sharing and watch your balance grow! After you have a balance of at least $100, you can request a payout which is done via PayPal at the end of every month! 

What are some ways I can start sharing and earning, even if I do not have a large social media following? 

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Share my images and videos to Pinterest

Sharing to Pinterest is probably the EASIEST way to get started making affiliate income! People are literally already there searching for ideas and products. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of followers, Pinterest is a highly effective traffic source!  

A few tips for Pinterest success:

  1. Remember that people are often on Pinterest searching for solutions and ideas, not products. You want to make sure you fill out your Pinterest pin information completely for the most success. For example, if you were sharing an image from my InstaGlam collection, I would not title the pin 'Instaglam Layer Styles' but instead describe what kind of project the image is and the desired results you can get. 
  2. Don't copy and paste the same thing every time. I would take a few seconds to mix it up with new keywords and think what people might be searching and how this product would help them in their creative work. 
  3. Always double check that you use your unique tracking link so that you get the commission! You can even pin directly from my website, without having to upload the image yourself, just make sure that as soon as you create a pin, you click 'View it now' and edit the destination link to include your unique tracking link and fill out the pin information immediately. 

Share your own creations on social media

I love when my fellow creators share their work made using my tools on social media, and now you can earn a hefty commission by doing just this. People trust other people, and when you share your successful results using my tools and tutorials, other creators want to know what you used! This is an amazing way to earn money as an affiliate! 

A few places you can share your own creations, even without an audience...

  1. Behance: Behance is Adobe's portfolio site, and a great way to share your work even without your own website. Designers and illustrators are already there looking for inspiration. You can list what products you used, with your affiliate link in the product description. Behance is great for SEO, and work you post there will be helping you to generate sales! 
  2. Facebook groups: Facebook groups are a great way to connect with fellow creators - and artists are naturally sharing their work, tips, and brushes they use. You can search for design, illustration, digital art, and Photoshop groups to join. Once there, you can share your work and in the comments or caption mention which brushes you use and your own unique code if they want to get any brushes and save 10%. For example, you can say, "I used the 24k Gold brush collection from Creators Couture in this piece... in case you wanted to check it out, you can use the code XXX for 10% off". Just make sure you respect the rules of the group and don't engage in any type of spammy behavior. You can also share the artwork, and link to your instagram or Behance page and say 'If you want to see all the brushes I've used, go to my Instagram (or wherever you posted it), and make sure your Coupon Code link is placed prominently in the caption. 
  3. TikTok: Tiktok is absolutely an amazing place for getting your video seen with very little audience. You can make a video of the brushes in action, show some artwork you created with my brushes, or do your own tutorial or demo. Play with a few hashtags and keywords and GET PAID! 
  4. Youtube: Youtube is probably my BEST channel for getting sales. You can share your artwork, process video, your own tutorial, or a timelapse video of your artwork, and put the information and what brushes you used in the video description, along with your affiliate link. Youtube is amazing for SEO and getting content seen, even if you don't have a big audience. You can also repurpose your Instagram Reels / TikTok videos as Youtube shorts! 
  5. Instagram: While organic discovery and engagement may be harder to get, they are pushing Instagram Reels quite a lot, so this can be a great place to get your work discovered! Anytime you share your work on Instagram, you can use your unique coupon code in the caption. For example, you can say 'I created this design using X, Y, Z brushes from Creators Couture and you can use the code XXX to save 10%. This way, they don't have to even click your link, and you will still get the commission for the sale.
  6. Any other Social Media channel: You can share your work, process, timelapse or even just videos of the brushes in action on whatever your favorite social media is, playing around with keywords and hashtags and see what works for you. This could include Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, etc. 

Other Ways to share and Earn

Feel free to get creative! If you have a following, you can use all of the traditional methods of sharing my brushes and tools with your audience, which can include creating a blog post, sharing on your social media, sharing with your email newsletter, creating videos, etc. If you do not have a blog, you can also create a Medium account and create an article for free, for example you can make a post sharing your favorite Photoshop brushes and use your affiliate link under the product! 

General tips for the Creators Couture Affiliate Program

  1. Most affiliates will already be familiar with my brushes, but in case you are not already, be sure to check out the Start HERE page. It's always best if you are familiar with the product you are sharing, especially on platforms such as Pinterest, because you will be able to put better pin descriptions and titles, which will help your pin be found and be more effective. You don't have to be a customer to be an affiliate but the most successful partners are familiar with my products and use them in their artwork. If you want a jump start, I have a HUGE savings on the Whole Shop Bundle, and if you are an affiliate, you can message me for a special discount code. 
  2. Being an affiliate is like anything else you might do to make money, it might take some trial and error, but eventually you will find the right platform and methods that work for you! 
  3. Feel free to contact me anytime via the affiliate program dashboard if you have any questions or need additional help. Your success is my success! 
  4. One thing you are absolutely not allowed to do is share your unique coupon code on a coupon website or without sharing actual content. The idea of an affiliate program is to help bring new customers to my site. People who already have found my products and are ready to purchase sometimes search the internet for a coupon code, and these coupon sites are usually the first to pop up. However, this is absolutely not allowed, and if your code is found on any of these sites, your account will be terminated immediately. I issue individual coupon codes to trusted affiliates after your account is activated, and monitor these closely. 

Elite Level Affiliate Hack

As most of you know, I have a tutorial toolkit membership on Behance, where you can access my entire Tutorial Toolkit library for only $10! This includes all of of my Behance toolkits which include HUNDREDS of Photoshop brushes and even demo files. You can literally use these toolkits as a blueprint for creating your own videos and other affiliate content for sharing! Many of the brushes are even pre-loaded, which makes creating content with these toolkits SO FAST! I am absolutely giving you the blueprint for success here! Just be sure to credit me obviously in whatever platform you are using and then of course use your affiliate link to collect that 30% commission! 

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