Start here: Your Guide to Game Changing Photoshop Brush Magic

Hello and welcome to Creators Couture! My name is Jessica Johnson, and I create game-changing Photoshop brushes, tools, and tutorials for creators of ALL levels! So why should you try out my tools and tutorials, you may ask...

  • I am featured Subscription Creator AND featured Livestreamer on Behance (an Adobe website)
  • I’ve collaborated twice with Adobe to share my innovative brushes and techniques HERE and HERE.
  • I’m one of the 4 shop owners featured on Creative Market’s ABOUT page, and have sold over 17,000 products via my shop there.
  • Over the years, with little marketing, I’ve managed to foster a super engaged and loyal community, and you can see what they’ve been saying on my Reviews Page.

    Most importantly, I have no special talent for drawing! 😱  It was out of this need for myself that I started to create tools and brushes that helped me overcome my own limitations — and now my purpose is to share what I know with others! If I can do it, I promise you can too!

    Below are some steps I recommend if you are new here!

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    2. VIP: Learn or "brush up" on my 3 most popular techniques
    1. Multi-Color Impressionist Brush Technique
    2. Understanding the Wet Paint Mixer Brush Technique
    3. Illustrating and Designing with Layer Styles

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    4. Free Online Tutorials & Fun Community Livestreams
    I am live streaming and adding valuable new tutorials every single week. I firmly believe that although my Photoshop tools and techniques are amazing, the real value I can give is in showing you what to do with your new resources!

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    Thank you for your support and happy creating!
    xx Jessica