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Modern Impressionist Magic Color Blending Photoshop Brush Studio

Modern Impressionist Magic Color Blending Photoshop Brush Studio

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A Photoshop BRUSH REVOLUTION that will forever change the way you paint in Photoshop! These brushes use my revolutionary color-blending technique that has been featured TWICE on Adobe Create!

UPDATE Nov 17, 2020: I've refined the brushes to add pressure sensitivity and texture controls, which means you can apply the color-blending effect in a more subtle or bold way, depending on how much pressure you apply. The result is brush strokes that are much more versatile and REFINED!

There's simply NOTHING like it. I've created the perfect color mixing brush studio that let's you paint in ready-made palettes without having to mix a thing! This changes EVERYTHING!

After discovering a NEW way to harness a little used Photoshop tool for my own illustration work, I created this REVOLUTIONARY NEW SYSTEM of Color Mixing Pattern Brushes and PreFAB Color Blends!

Now, after months of tweaking and perfecting, you get to simply pick a brush and start painting in beautiful, carefully crafted color blends, with NO MIXING REQUIRED!

Whether you are a print designer, web designer, illustrator or hobbyist, this BRUSH SYSTEM will revolutionize the way you BRUSH AND PAINT in Photoshop!

The Ultimate Color Mixing PATTERN Brush Studio contains:

115 Color Blending Brushes: Painstakingly created Photoshop Brushes, that when used with the pattern stamp tool, create amazing color-blending brush strokes! Each brush is different, versatile, and unique! Use them with the pre-blended color palettes or make your own!

225 Pre-FAB Color Blends: I’ve spent MONTHS creating and fine-tuning these pre-blended color mixes, so that you can just pick a palette and start playing and painting in gorgeous blended colors. No MIXING required! You can also make your OWN color palettes so easily! See tutorial playlist to see how you can sample colors directly from photographs and images! 

Video Tutorial PlaylistThere’s really no learning curve to use these brushes. You simply load them up, along with the patterns and start PLAYING. However, there is an exclusive tutorial for those who might not be familiar with loading brushes and patterns.

Reference Charts: Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the brush strokes and color blends

Photoshop CS6+. I also highly recommend using these brushes with a graphics tablet such as a Wacom for maximum versatility. If you use a mouse, they will work just fine, but you won’t be able to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes.

Don't forget you can mix and match color palettes and brushes from ALL of my Impressionist Brush + Color Blending Collections!

Ideas for Use:

  • Create eye catching products for sale with artistic accents all your own
  • Create art prints for sale 
  • Accent your illustrations with multi-color brush strokes
  • Branding and packaging
  • Bring prints and patterns to life with color blending strokes
  • Transform stock illustration with painterly brushstrokes
  • Accent social media graphics with multi-color brush strokes
  • Give photography an artistic touch
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

Have a question? Send me a message!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karin Cools
First purchase and immediately hooked...!!

These brushes & color palettes where my first Creators Couture purchase. As an artist I was impressed with the possibilities.
They provided me with so much new inspiration and hours of joyful painting. I use them in my paintings, as masks, for making backgrounds, designing cards......
You don't need to be talented or an experienced user to enjoy these brushes and create something beautiful !

Alan Ewart

Over the years I have built a large collection of PS brushes but these are on a different level to most.

There are so many uses for the CC brushes. I use this set to create backgrounds and to add a painterly effect to clothing etc. They are also great when used on masks to blend effects in a beautiful way.

Jennifer Wagner
The brushes are amazing

I have had these brushes since launch and they are my go to for so many things. I use them as intended to get all kinds of great color into my work. I make beautiful backgrounds in seconds using them. But I also love using the brushes in black and white for masking...they give everything a painted look and can be used in grunge styles too. Honestly I think this set of brushes is the most versatile I own and true confession - I own a lot!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review Jennifer... and OMG I totally need to make a note of that, because that is a GREAT way to mask! I've done it occasionally but need to make a better note of that... super useful! xx Jess