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GLITCHCORE Photoshop Brushes: Multicolored & Multi-Dimensional

GLITCHCORE Photoshop Brushes: Multicolored & Multi-Dimensional

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Step into a new matrix of brush creativity with my latest collection of Photoshop brushes! These groundbreaking digital brushes are multicolored, multi-dimensional, and mind-bending! Digital becomes organic, lines become curves, and all of your preconceived ideas about creating artwork with glitch-inspired, line-based brushes are going out the window! For Photoshop CS6+ Please see brush notes below if you are using only a mouse! 

Using my Adobe-featured color-blending brush technique, I began to explore the Photoshop bristle brush engine. Again, this is a tool WIDELY overlooked in the digital art and Photoshop brush industry. Who uses this, I thought. Not anyone I knew! The dots that come out of it form into lines, and often weird patterns and behaviors occur. It's hailed as 'Natural Media,' but I've not seen anyone use it in a natural way. Instead of forcing it to be something that it is not, I thought maybe I could tap into the beautiful geometry and innate 'digital-ness' that was being generated by this untapped engine. 

Exploring the Sacred 'Brushology'
That's when I began to explore, to experiment, and most importantly -- play! I began to see beauty in the patterns at play in the brush strokes. The brushes took on a life of their own, and I began to imagine them as part of a larger creative vision -- where digital and organic come together in a beautiful geometry. The brush strokes emerging from this vision have mathematical precision, spacing, form helixes, and often look completely different each time- depending on which direction you are making your brush stroke.

Digital Chaos: Releasing control and embracing the 'glitch'
By not turning on the direction control on some of the brushes, it often created delightful patterns and effects. A beautiful matrix of connected lines form a beautiful geometry as you paint in Photoshop. A new trend emerges, embracing the beautiful digital chaos. While the Photoshop bristle brush engine is precise and digital -- we add the glitch in the process, making us joyful co-creators in this new brush trend!

Finding a unique beauty in the 'GlitchCore Aesthetic'
Coincidentally at the same time as I was developing these brushes, I stumbled across some articles about the GlitchCore Aesthetic, and how it is taking over fashion and TikTok trends. Playing on tech nostalgia, it was about replicating vibrant and abstract patterns. Print designers were embracing this look already, playing on the themes of pixels and 'techno-psychedelic' ideas. Even as I was writing this, I stumbled upon a Dribbble article about design trends for the upcoming year, one of which was 'Parametric Patterns.' "A parametric pattern consists of geometric structures whose lines morph depending on their relative positions." Hmmmm, this sounds familiar! 

Ok, enough philosophy... so what's in the file?! 

95 Mind-Bending Photoshop Brushes: I painstakingly created 95 wild and creative Photoshop brushes, taking advantage of the Photoshop Bristle brush engine! Play around and experiment for yourself -- watch how the brushes form different strokes depending on which direction you create your stroke. Play around with moving the direction of the brush stroke without picking up your pen or mouse! Watch the patterns emerge. Spin the brush clockwise and then counter-clockwise and see what happens. Loser yourself in the chaos and creativity! 

125 BONUS Tropical & Rainbow Color-Blend Palettes: I have been having SUCH fun creating ORGANIC, nature, and floral inspired designs with these brushes, that I had to create a BRAND NEW tropical-inspired color palette collection. These color blends are bright, fun and multi-color, and they also include the amazing RAINBOW color blends I used on my display images. Just a reminder -- you can make your OWN color palettes in a literal second, I go over how to do that in this comprehensive blog post HERE

Don't forget you can mix and match color palettes and brushes from ALL of my Impressionist Brush + Color Blending Collections!

Included in the download is...

  • 95 Color-Blending Photoshop brushes
  • 125 Impressionist Palettes: A .PAT Photoshop Pattern file to load and use with the Color Blending Impressionist Brushes or ANY of the Impressionist Brushes for Photoshop by Creators Couture
  • A brush preview sheet for handy reference

How to use your Glitchcore Photoshop brushes? 
These Photoshop brushes use the same color-blending Pattern stamp technique as many of my brush sets, and I go over all steps of this technique in this blog post

VIP Brush Note #1: Using the brushes with a mouse instead of pen tablet
Some of these brushes will behave differently or paint a much lighter stroke if you are using a mouse instead of a pressure sensitive pen tablet. However, a very good portion of the brushes behave the same or have small differences. One suggestion if you are using a mouse with a brush that is painting lighter is with the brush selected, go to Windows > Brush Settings at the top Photoshop menu. This will bring up the Brush Settings window and you will see all the settings for that particular brush. Within the Brush Tip Shape section that opens up automatically, you will see the Bristle Brush settings at the bottom right of the window. You can increase the THICKNESS settings and it will make your selected brush paint darker with the mouse.

VIP Brush Note #2: 
These brushes make use of the Photoshop Bristle Brush Engine entirely. Because of the nature of this bristle brush engine and some of the settings, some of the brushes can be memory intensive or even occasionally crash Photoshop. There is quite simply nothing I can do, this is a quirk of Photoshop and depends on the system and graphic resources of your computer. My recommendation is to always make sure you keep a backup of your brush settings, and also to not draw your brush strokes too quickly. It’s only happened to me twice in the tons of hours I’ve spent working with these brushes, but I wanted you to be aware, and this isn’t due to any ‘error’ on my part in creating the brushes!

Ideas for Use:

  • Create Digital textures and backgrounds
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Create social media graphics and client work
  • Templates and illustrations for sale
  • Blog and pinterest graphics
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

Have a question? Send me a message!

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Customer Reviews

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Great Brushes

Wonderful, fun and unique brushes..always a treat to use!!

Thank you so much Pamela and very happy creating!! Jess


This is such an amazing brush set. Can be used to create multiple illustrations - leaves, berries, flowers.....and so much more! I have such fun using these brushes & most of all, I simply enjoy seeing all the beautiful colors emerging out with each brush stroke- it's so therapeutic & relaxing. Even if one doesn't have any artistic skills, these brush will definitely make your work look artistic.

Thank you so much Maurilius, you really take the brushes and tools to a new creative level! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!! xx Jess

Kate Thompson

You've done it again, Jessica! These brushes are AMAZING! Easy to use (as usual), and your tutorials are super fun! I love how your brushes make me feel artistic even though I'm not really an artist! :-) Thanks for all the hard work and love you pour into your products - it totally shows! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Kate thank you soooo much for all the amazing support and I'm so happy you like the brushes. You totally ARE an artist though! THANK YOU! Jess

David Rachlin

These new brushes are Jessica's next act of genius. As soon as I loaded them along with the Glitchcore patterns, I watched with delight and amazement how the colors poured out in the most gorgeous patterns, swirls, circles, lines, and ways I can't even describe. i immediately had memories of playing with Spirograph, but on coin a phrase. Even if you are not a designer or an artist, you will experience a whole new world of color worthy of hours of playful relaxation. I'm looking forward to experi-playing (my new word) with these brushes to enhance my digital artwork. I'm excited to see what will happen.

Oh my goodness David! thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review and share your experience. To be honest, when my tools can make it feel like play, and feel like fun, and inspire you to explore new creative rabbit holes -- I can ask for nothing more! This collection really felt inspired to me, and it reminds me of the book 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert. Ideas want to be brought into reality, and artists can sometimes feel 'inspired' or almost like conduits to an idea! This collection started with revisiting an old brush I had made, and it just simply exploded! Thank you again and most of all -- HAPPY CREATING!! xx Jess

MaryEllen Sanger

These are fun and expressive and surprising and awesome and limitless and exuberant and way way way way cool! THANK YOU, Jessica!

Mary Ellen! your use of exclamation points MAKES ME OVERJOYED!!!!!! I am honored!! Thank you so much for the amazing support and I am soooooooo looking forward to sharing the creativity with this set and seeing what fun everyone has! Thank YOU! xx jess