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Pattern Painter Brushes for Photoshop: Artistic & Hand Drawn

Pattern Painter Brushes for Photoshop: Artistic & Hand Drawn

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Fresh, funky & imperfect hand drawn pattern brushes for Photoshop. These pattern brushes help you add texture, artistic style, and a hand drawn touch to your designs and illustrations!

Add eye catching depth and visual interest to your artwork with these fresh new Pattern Brushes for Photoshop

Fresh and fun pattern brushes for artwork that POPS: Textured and pattern can really make your artwork POP, and these brushes are the easiest way to deliver that type of hand drawn, artistic pattern effect! Not only that, they are carefully designed so that you can use them using my multi-color pattern stamp technique, and the color dispersion looks great and not banded! You can also use them as a traditional one color brush of course, they are so versatile! 

I drew these patterns for myself, but after so many requests to release them, I decided that to release them as a brush set would be the easiest way for you to have fun and apply the pattern designs to your own artwork! Not only are the pattern designs quirky and textural, but supplying them as a brush, it really can save you time in your illustration and design work. Fast, funky, and lots of fun! For Photoshop CS6+

These brushes use my revolutionary color-blending technique that has been featured TWICE on Adobe Create!

Don't forget you can mix and match color palettes and brushes from ALL of my Impressionist Brush + Color Blending Collections!

New to the multi-color Photoshop brush technique? I have an easy guide HERE to get you up and running fast with this amazing technique that will change how you paint in Photoshop! 

Included in the download is...

  • 36 Seamless, repeating pattern Photoshop brushes
  • The pattern brushes for Photoshop include motifs inspired by snakeskin, leopard print, giraffe pattern, and tons of abstract textural designs
  • 8 RAINBOW Impressionist Palettes: A .PAT Photoshop Pattern file to load and use with the Color Blending Impressionist Brushes or ANY of the Impressionist Brushes for Photoshop by Creators Couture. You can also make your OWN color palettes, and I show you how to do this in the tutorial video!

Ideas for Use:

  • Create textured abstract digital backgrounds for Canva or Adobe Express
  • Add pattern accents to social media graphics designs
  • Layer patterns together to create new textures
  • Add dimension to flat, single color artwork
  • Upgrade your stock illustrations with pattern accents
  • Create abstract art to sell on Etsy
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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