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Wet Paint Photoshop Color-Blending Mixer Brushes

Wet Paint Photoshop Color-Blending Mixer Brushes

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A Photoshop BRUSH REVOLUTION that will forever change the way you paint in Photoshop! 

After over a year of development, I'm pleased to finally introduce you to the WET PAINT STUDIO for Adobe Photoshop CS6+. This HUGE collection of 60 brushes and 615 palettes (which you don't even have to load!) will allow you to pick up a brush and paint in beautiful multi-color, metallic and iridescent strokes, allowing you to create designs, illustrations, hand painted typography, patterns, social media graphics, and more!

Much like I did with my revolutionary Modern Impressionist Brushes, I wanted to take my secret tricks and techniques for an under-utilized tool already within Photoshop and create a brush studio that would allow designers and illustrators of ALL levels to create the brush stroke effects of their dreams!! You have never seen anything like this in Photoshop! The palette collections include Realistic Metallics, Iridescent Textures, Bright and Bold Blends, Impressionist Masters Blends (sampled from actual Impressionist Paintings), and Modern Impressionist Color Blends.

Now, after months of tweaking and perfecting, you get to simply pick a brush and start painting in beautiful, carefully crafted color blends, with NO MIXING REQUIRED!

Wet Paint Photoshop Mixer Brush Studio Contains:

Photoshop Mixer Brushes: 60 photoshop brushes saved as a TPL files. You can also load these as ABR files in newer versions of Photoshop!

615 PRE-MIXED Color Palettes: 6 color palette collections which have a total of 615 color palettes. These are provided as 6 PSD files for super easy color selection! It can't get easier! Plus I show you how to create your own color palettes and sample directly from photographs and images. 

Video TutorialThere’s really no learning curve to use these brushes. You simply load them up, along with the patterns and start PLAYING. However, there is an exclusive tutorial for those who might not be familiar with loading brushes and patterns.

Reference Charts: Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the brush strokes and color blends

Product REQUIREMENTS: To use this product, you need Adobe Photoshop CS6 or NEWER. If you want to take advantage of the pressure sensitive brush settings to achieve thick to thin brush strokes, you need a wacom tablet or similar, but you can absolutely use the brushes with only a mouse as well! I also recommend 8GB of ram, you may see some slowing of brush strokes if you are working with an older or slower system.

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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Customer Reviews

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Jutta Wolfram
Incredibly beautiful and versatile to use

This set of brushes and color palettes is sensational. Jessica created very finely matched brushes and colors, so you can add the shimmer of pearls and silk to your designs. So much elegance and glamour is unique. Inspiration for their use can be found in Jessica's video on Youtube, which is also great made.

Kim Beebe

This is a beautiful and versatile kit -- I use it so many times and always come up with a new way to apply the effects to my artwork. I would recommend with no reservation!!!!!!

MaryEllen Sanger
My entry into the wonderful world of Creators Couture

I first learned of Jessica's amazing brushes through the Wet Paint Studio, and I was fully and irrevocably smitten. Such a delight (even just to play with as a bit of FUN!) From mixer brushes here, to the pattern stamps elsewhere on the site, a creative person's PARADISE of color, shape and possibility. Can't say enough about these amazing tools.