60+ of the Best Multicolor Photoshop Brushes - Download a Huge Brush Sampler!

preview of multicolor photoshop brushes in bundle, including impressionist photoshp brushes, wet paint special effects brushes, gold effects via photoshop brushes, tie-dye brushes, watercolor brushes

Welcome to the all new Creators Couture Ultimate Brush Sampler Bundle! I have hand-picked over 60 of my very FAVORITE multicolor and color-blending Photoshop brushes, and now you can download them all instantly in a carefully organized and easy to install bundle! For Photoshop CS6+ 

In case you are new here -- my name is Jessica Johnson (aka Creators Couture), and I create game-changing, industry-recognized Photoshop brushes! I have collaborated twice with Adobe Creative Cloud to feature my revolutionary brush techniques, and am a featured live-streamer and subscription creator on Behance. Enough about me! Let's get into what you can find in this amazing Photoshop brush sampler bundle! 

Get the Photoshop Brush Sampler Bundle! 

Welcome to a new world of Photoshop Brushes!

Instantly download over 60 of the best multicolor and color-blending Photoshop brushes from all of my most popular collections!

photoshop brush preview images, modern impressionist brushes, artistic feather brushes, tie-dye brushes, artistic autumn, and glitchcore photoshop brushes
preview of wet paint photoshop brushes, including iridescent wet brushes, 24k liquid gold brushes, dimensional gold brushes, pastel brushes, and blender photoshop brushes
preview of multicolor photoshop brushes, including marble effects, iridescent effects, floral effects, galaxy effects, watercolor effects, and pattern effects
preview image of special effects photoshop brushes, including floral, pattern, and watercolor inspired Photoshop brushes
preview image of photoshop brushes that give any photograph an impressionist painterly effect

What is included in the Brush Sampler Bundle? 

4 Impressionist Multicolor Photoshop Brushes

4 Impressionist Photoshop brushes from the Modern Impressionist Photoshop Brushes collection that started it all! This revolutionary technique that I pioneered lets you paint in gorgeous multicolor strokes using the pattern stamp tool. The 4 brushes included are inspired directly from Impressionist masters artwork, and let you create impressionist effects within a single brush stroke instead of hundreds of individual strokes. Not only that, I have included the ENTIRE Impressionist Masters Color Palette collection for FREE, which has 175 color blends sampled directly from Impressionist Masters' paintings. 

4 Iridescent & Holographic Photoshop Brushes

Try out 2 unique styles of my iridescent and holographic photoshop brushes, each of the 2 styles has a classic and pressure sensitive version. These exquisitely crafted brushes let you create dazzling and draw-dropping iridescent and holographic effects in a single brush stroke! Watch the colors dance out as you paint in Photoshop! Iridescent & Holographic Photoshop Brushes

2 24K Gold Wet Mixer Brushes

These amazing Photoshop mixer brushes let you Instantly paint in ‘live’ gold and create textural and dimensional metallic brush strokes effortlessly! With the mixer settings carefully crafted and the specially designed gold palette, you can create brushstrokes in Photoshop that mimic wet and dry gold paint. 24K Gold Brush Magic: Metallic Photoshop Brushes

5 Photoshop Brushes that turn Photos into Impressionist Artwork

This revolutionary technique I pioneered was featured on Adobe Creative Cloud and you can download a sample pack of 5 brushes which will let you take any photograph or image and create your own unique impressionist artwork. This technique is MUCH better than a filter, because you can change brushes and completely control the brush stroke direction, making for VERY artistic effects with no drawing ability necessary! Instapressionist Photoshop Brushes

5 Essential Photoshop Brushes Featuring Wet and Dry Textures

A carefully crafted VERSATILE and EDITED collection of pressure sensitive brushes that will soon become your NEW ESSENTIALS! This edited collection is unique because the size, texture and flow are all controlled via the pressure sensitivity, which allows for naturally amazing, textural strokes and incredible versatility with each brush stroke. Brushwerk Essential Photoshop Brushes

4 Watercolor Tie-Dye Brushes

Instantly create beautiful MULTICOLOR watercolor tie-dye effects with JUST a stroke of your photoshop brush! These brushes are DYNAMIC and instantly color blending! You can watch the colors dance out as you use the pressure sensitive settings to create unique and artistic tie-dye artwork. I selected one of my favorite brushes, which includes an 'inverse' as well as a pattern painter brush and inverse version of that. Tie-Dye Watercolor Multicolor Photoshop Brushes

2 Artistic and Painterly Feather Inspired Brushes

Don't let the 'feather' influence fool you, these luscious and textural Photoshop brushes are textural and artistic, and perfect for all types of illustrations. Even though they were inspired by the feathery creations of couture fashion houses, they are very painterly and versatile for both realistic and abstract artwork. Painterly Artistic Feathery Photoshop Brushes

2 3D Metallic Gold Photoshop Brushes

My GoldPlay brush studio lets you almost 3D looking brushstrokes right in Photoshop! Fans of my 24K Brush Magic brushes really love these brushes. Rather than creating more of a 'liquid' gold brush stroke, these brushes take advantage of the dry mixer brush settings to create strokes that appear to pop right off the document! Maximalism is IN! I've picked 2 of my very favorite brushes from this collection for you to try out. Goldplay Photoshop Brushes

2 GlitchCore MultiDimensional Brushes

My GlitchCore brush studio has truly been a phenomenon, and these brushes let you break free of the matrix into a whole new world of creativity! Utilizing Photoshop's bristle brush engine, these brushes create strokes that are multicolored, multi-dimensional, and mind-bending! GlitchCore Multicolor Photoshop Brushes

1 Brush from the Wet Paint Studio 

A fan favorite ever since this brush collection was released in 2017, the original Wet Paint Studio lets you create beautiful color-mixing wet brush strokes using the mixer brush settings. Add gorgeous wet strokes to your artwork and watch the colors mix and mingle! Wet Paint Photoshop Mixer Brushes

2 Multicolor Marble Brushes

These artistic and gorgeous soft Photoshop brushes are inspired by marble textures, but they go so much further and can be used for all types of artwork! All of the brushes are embedded with a gorgeous hand-created marble texture and can help you create all kinds of different painterly multicolor brush strokes. They are perfect for layering and creating ALL kinds of artwork. Multicolor Marble Photoshop Brushes

2 Floral & Foliage Multicolor Brushes

These carefully designed brushes are perfect for creating foliage and garden-like impressionist digital brush strokes when painting in Photoshop. Perfect for wedding and feminine designs and illustrations, to add a touch of refinement! Romantic English Garden Floral Photoshop Brushes

2 Artistic Autumn Multicolor Brushes

Don't let the name fool you, this is a seriously VERSATILE Brush Studio you can use ALL YEAR LONG! Although many of the brushes create a delicate and artistic foliage effect, a large selection of the brushes are artistic and painterly and can be used for many types of artwork! Artistic Autumn Multicolor Photoshop Brushes

2 Galaxy & Celestial Photoshop Brushes

Mystical, magical, and multi-color! These GALAXY Photoshop brushes allow you to effortlessly create space and galaxy inspired graphics, illustrations, digital backgrounds, and more! On a dark background, they add magical depth and create amazing effects! The pressure sensitivity allows you full control over your celestial creations! Galaxy & Space-Inspired Photoshop Brushes

2 Multicolor Watercolor Brushes

One of my first color-blending collections, The Palm Beach Garden Party collection is full of beautiful watercolor mixes, directional color daubs, party and confetti inspired brush strokes, and so much more! I chose 2 of my favorite watercolor inspired brushes from this collection for you to try! Palm Beach Watercolor Party Impressionist Photoshop Brushes

1 Textile & Fiber Inspired Photoshop Brush

This is a small but mighty collection of textile and fiber Photoshop brushes, that I happen to use ALL THE TIME! Use these textile inspired brushes to accent your illustrations and designs with amazing color-blending strokes inspired by runway trends! Textile & Fiber Color-Blending Photoshop Brushes

1 Multicolor Pattern Painter Brush

Fresh, funky & imperfect hand drawn pattern brushes for Photoshop. These pattern brushes help you add texture, artistic style, and a hand drawn touch to your designs and illustrations! Not only do they paint out patterns, they are also carefully crafted so that you can use the multicolor technique and the colors will mix and come out beautifully! Pattern Painter Photoshop Brushes

6 Pastel Inspired Brushes - Featured on Adobe CC

This is a mini collection I shared first with Adobe Creative Cloud. The Pastel-ish collection is inspired by wet and dry pastels. They provide lots of great texture and natural color-blending effects utilizing the Photoshop Mixer Brush settings! Not only that, I converted "The Masters" Impressionist color blends into a ready-made mixer brush palette and included it for FREE with this Pastel mixer brush set! 

10 Universal Blender Mixer Brushes

I gathered together all of my blender brushes that I have created and made them available in this bundle. You can use them to create liquid, melting gold effects when you use them on the 24K Gold or GoldPlay brushes, or experiment with blending any areas of your artwork. They are preset to have no color loaded, so they will simply blend the colors you have on your artwork. They use the Photoshop mixer brush settings. 

Don't miss the 3 Foundation Tutorial Series! 
If you are new to my tools and techniques, I have 3 Foundation series which help you understand completely how to work with your new brush collections as well as layer styles, and get you up and running in no time! 

    Get the Photoshop Brush Sampler Bundle! 
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