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Hand-drawn Tropical Vine & Leaf Photoshop Pattern Brushes

Hand-drawn Tropical Vine & Leaf Photoshop Pattern Brushes

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Wild and Free: Hand-drawn tropical vine brushes! Use these time-saving brushes to create beautiful vine and botanical motifs for your nature inspired design projects, illustrations, surface pattern designs, and more! 

Spring has sprung and I thought it was the perfect time to create some hand drawn botanical pattern brushes. These hand-drawn photoshop brushes are inspired by spring vegetation, leaves, vines and botanical motifs! These leaf and vine brushes are hand drawn by me using my impressionist brushes, which are great not just for color blending, but even for hand drawn one color designs! 

I love to use these brushes in combination with my revolutionary color-blending brushes that have been featured TWICE on Adobe Create!

The Hand-drawn tropical Vine and Leaf Botanical Photoshop Pattern Brushes instant download contains: 

  • 40 unique botanical / leaf / vine/ pattern brushes (ABR Photoshop Brushes)
  • The vine brushes come in TWO different versions: a solid, 1-color brush and a B version that has a slight color jitter

Ideas for Use:

  • Perfect for Nature and plant inspired print and pattern design
  • Wedding invitation design with vine accents
  • Botanical themed branding and packaging design
  • Create digital papers for sale
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

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