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InstaGLAM: Gold Foil & Metallic Gold Styles & Textures for Photoshop

InstaGLAM: Gold Foil & Metallic Gold Styles & Textures for Photoshop

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InstaGlam is the ONLY collection you need for all of your gold foil, metallic gold, and glittery gold effects for your design and illustration projects! 

In 2014, I launched the InstaGlam collection, and it EXPLODED metallic gold trend that is STILL popular to this day! Thousands of my fellow creators, designers, illustrators, pattern designers have purchased and used this style collection to create countless designs and illustrations with a touch of LUXE!

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InstaGlam is a tediously created and beautifully unique set of seamless gold foil and metallic gold inspired textures turned 1-click layer styles for Photoshop that let you instantly apply these stunning styles in any color or rich gold. You have limitless options, but it's not overwhelming, just fun!

Ways you can use the gold foil and metallic gold textures for Photoshop:

  • Add Metallic gold lettering to your social media graphics
  • Create photography templates with touches of gold foil
  • Instantly add luxe metallic texture to your illustrations
  • Gold foil inspired monograms
  • Glamorous gold textures on your social media graphics
  • Feminine branding and packaging with touches of luxe gold
  • Turn plain colored patterns into gorgeous designs 
  • Add luxe, sparkly metallic touches to your designs
  • Invitations and card designs with a touch of metallic gold
  • Luxe holiday illustrations
  • Holiday cards with a touch of metallic foil effect
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Prefer to work in Illustrator? Check out the Adobe Illustrator Version!

Included in the instant download is...

578 Simply Stunning Photoshop SMART Layer Styles for Photoshop

  • I took 162 delicious textures and created a one-click layer style for them
  • ALL 162 unique textures are now a layer style in both GOLD AND COLOR options
  • Compatible with PHOTOSHOP Elements
  • New smart styles use the color of your object to apply the style in that color
  • Smart styles in both PRINT and WEB resolution, broken down into collections, load what you want
  • Smart styles actions for automatically resizing the ASL layer styles

A pattern collection of 162 unique, gorgeous and glam textures

  • The source pattern collection allows you full creative control

AutoMAGIC Actions Set

  • Easy new STREAMLINED actions that work with both PS and Elements with 162 texture options
  • Allows you to quickly change the color, tone and glam style on your artwork
  • Non-destructive adjustment layers are added
  • Run the paint actions to prep your canvas to instantly paint in glam with the brilliant brushes
  • NEW Iridescent Overlays

InstaGlam Brush Studio: 150 Dynamic Photoshop Brushes

  • Uses the brush tool presets to make dynamic brushes
  • 150 NEW Jewel Brushes
  • BONUS: 100+ InstaGlam Dynamic Art Brushes
  • You'll need a pressure sensitive pen/tablet to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes
  • Use any brush in any color in any of the textures

    No Smart Objects!

    • Work within your OWN document size and resolution!

    Video Tutorials:

    Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Exceptional tools!

    The market is really full of tools, brushes and add-ons, but Jessica's products are really unique and very special. You can just tell how much effort, experience and professionalism went into their development. Instaglam was one of the first sets I bought from Jessica and I still love it. Since then, many new products have been added and each one is worth the money and extremely fun to work with. And if that's not enough, there are countless videos in which Jessica demonstrates how to use the products, so that you can really exploit the full potential and get new inspiration.