Create Glittery & Shiny Floral Illustrations inspired by Gucci Runway - Photoshop Tutorial

Create gorgeous, wet paint stroke floral illustrations with hints of glitter and glamour, all inspired by a Gucci runway look. I sampled the colors and created a ready to use color palette for you, which includes a solid color palette, color-blends for my impressionist multi-color brushes, and wet brush palettes for any of my mixer brushes. Not only that, you get the wet paint brush I use in the demo, along with 8 other floral and leaf stamp brushes. This kit also includes my demo PSD files, some ready-made floral graphics (extended use up to 500 items!), and PNG files for my friends who use a program other than Photoshop, such as Procreate or Canva! All the tools you need for a fun and fresh runway inspired design or illustration project!

Use the techniques you learn here for client work, personal projects, or to create digital and physical items for sale!

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Download the Tutorial Resources

Products I reference in this tutorial:

New to these techniques? Check out my Quick Start Guides below!
1. Multi-Color Impressionist Brush Technique
2. Understanding the Wet Paint Mixer Brush Technique
3. Illustrating and Designing with Layer Styles

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Download the Tutorial Resources

Products I reference in this tutorial:

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