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LUXE Glitter, Jewel, & Sparkle Photoshop Textures: Couture-Inspired

LUXE Glitter, Jewel, & Sparkle Photoshop Textures: Couture-Inspired

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Fresh and fabulous Fashion-Inspired styles, directly in Photoshop! These glittery, jeweled, and sparkly styles for photoshop, like couture, were painstakingly created and will save you TONS of time in adding glittery and glamorous effects to your design projects, patterns, and illustrations!

Creative Couture is a tediously created and beautifully unique set of seamless textures turned 1-click layer styles for Photoshop that let you instantly apply these stunning styles in any color or rich gold. You have limitless options, but it's not overwhelming, just fun!

The fantastic styles collections include

  • Rich Glitter + Sequins: rich sequin and glitter textures
  • Jeweled Fantasy: gorgeous textures seamlessly created with real jewels
  • Perfectly Pavé: Your designs will sparkle like Pavé jewelry with these styles
  • Textural Textiles: Inspired by glittery fabrics and couture textiles
  • Caviar: A gorgeous mix of small, shimmery balls to create a caviar-like texture
  • Metal Mixes: Gold foil and metallic textures that shine
  • Liquid Metals: A beautiful mix of smooth metallic textures accented with shimmer
  • Lightly Encrusted: Encrusted like jeweled couture clothing
  • Deeply Encrusted: Encrusted like jeweled couture clothing, but with extra depth and dimension
  • So Dimensional: a confetti of jewels for a deep, glittery effect
  • Iridescent overlays: add a touch of rainbow iridescence to any texture or style!

Work in Illustrator? Check out Creative Couture for Illustrator

In addition to the gorgeous styles, this creative studio includes 150+ dynamic photoshop brushes. Brushes include: bokeh style, confetti, gemstone shapes, glitter pens, calligraphy pens, gem trail brushes, jewel and gold chains, gold flake brushes, paillette brushes, wild watercolors, and more! 

Why Creative Couture for Photoshop glittery and glamorous textures?

  • Create sparkly, glittery, and glamorous effects in seconds, not minutes or hours!
  • Absolutely Stunning whether in print or on screen
  • Every single style and texture is UNIQUE! Unlike other glittery collections, these are NOT simply the same style re-colored over and over! 

    Ways you can use the jeweled and glittery textures:

    • Create stunning jeweled and glittery accents for your designs
    • Perfect for sparkly card designs and printables
    • Add some sparkly drama to your social media graphics
    • Perfect for luxe branding and logo design
    • Simple patterns and type come alive with a touch of glittery styles
    • Glamorous wedding designs with touches of sparkle
    • Make simple illustrations look rich and dimensional
    • Add luxe, sparkly metallic touches to your designs
    • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

    Included in the instant download is...

    366 1-CLICK Glittery Photoshop (ASL) Layer Styles for print & 366 Styles for WEB

    • I took all of the delicious textures and created a one-click layer style for them
    • ALL 161 unique textures are now a layer style in both GOLD AND COLOR options
    • 300 dpi print resolution styles and 72dpi web resolutions

    Creative Couture Glittery Jeweled Pattern Collection

    • 215 seamless couture patterns, 161 completely unique patterns, NOT just colored differently
    • A variety of dark and light patterns to allow for different style intensities
    • The source pattern collection allows you full creative control
    • SEAMLESS! Make any size design without having to adjust a thing

      Brush Studio: 150 Dynamic Photoshop Brushes

      • Uses the brush tool presets to make dynamic brushes
      • 150 NEW Jewel Brushes
      • BONUS: 100+ InstaGlam Dynamic Art Brushes
      • You'll need a pressure sensitive pen/tablet to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes
      • Use any brush in any color in any of the textures

      AutoMAGIC Actions Set

      • One click actions to apply the styles
      • Allows you to quickly change color and texture on your couture styles
      • Rich Gold Actions let you apply ANY of the patterns in a luscious, rich gold tone
      • Non-destructive adjustment layers are added
      • Run the paint actions to prep your canvas to instantly paint in the couture styles

      No Smart Objects!

      • Work within your OWN document size and resolution!

      Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Barbara Burns
      Fabulous Layer Styles

      I have purchased Creator’s Couture Luxe Layer Styles and others of their layer style products as well. They are absolutely outstanding and in my case introduced me to a whole different way of working on my digital art projects. Frankly to me they are worth so much more than I paid. Don’t hesitate, they’re great!!!

      Hi Barbara! Thank you for your lovely review, and that is high praise indeed! Thank you so much for the amazing support! xx Jess

      Jutta Wolfram
      Realistic sparkle, it makes you happy

      This was Jessica's first set, which I bought in 2016 - back then at DesignCuts. I was impressed: a gigantic set that is an enrichment for all those who want to use luxurious extras in their creations. The layer styles and colors of real gemstones are very realistic. Jessica has created more than 150 brushes in this set, so you have versatile possibilities for your designs. Just great!

      Kate Thompson
      Stunning Quality!

      I have almost every product Creators Couture sells, and I use them all, but THIS SET is my "go-to" set when it comes to all things glitter and glam! It's so easy to apply the styles to my layers and then go wild with the various glitter brushes available in the shop as well! I LOVE using this set to put that extra "sparkly touch" on the edges of my designs - it makes them pop and really stand out in the market! You can't go wrong with this set!!