NEW Realistic Photoshop Thread Brushes for a Hand Embroidered Illustration Effect & Free Embroidery Brush Sampler

cover image of dimensional embroidery thread effects created by Photoshop brushes

Digital Embroidery Magic! 161 NEW Photoshop brushes for amazing embroidery, fiber, thread, and stitch inspired illustrations! Inspired by embroidery, knitting, crochet, fiber art, cross stitch and more. Now you can combine all of these inspirations into your illustrations! Embroidery magic and thread painting right within Photoshop!

They are here, they are here! After years of tinkering on and off, and then after months of steady work, I have finally unlocked the secret to creating a directional and dimensional embroidery and thread effect in Photoshop using these specially designed Photoshop brushes and texture palettes! A whole new style of illustration is opened up to you, where you can combine hand embroidery, thread painting, fiber art, cross stitch and much more -- all with these magical new photoshop brushes! 

I've done all the hard work, so that you get to have fun and create amazing thread and embroidery brush strokes! I've literally thought of everything, so that you can simply pick up a photoshop brush and use one of my FIFTEEN pre-colored texture palettes and create infinite directional and dimensional photoshop brush strokes that look like realistic threads! For Photoshop CS6+

chart of dimensional thread brush strokes, brushes 1-55
embroidered letter effect created in Photoshop
embroidery thread brush samples showing different texture palettes to create different thread effects
modern abstract thread painting style illustration created using embroidery and thread photoshop brushes, pink, mustard and navy colors
chart of dimensional thread brush strokes, brushes 56-114
illustration created in photoshop that gives illusion of hand embroidery of a geode artwork
chart of dimensional thread brush strokes, brushes 115-161
digital art of two Christmas trees and stitch effects created in Photoshop using embroidery inspired brushes
color chart of digital embroidery brushes part 1
color chart of digital embroidery brushes part 2
abstract floral illustration combining photoshop brush strokes that emulate stitches, embroidery and felt art
fall leaf illustration that looks embroidered but was created with Photoshop brushes and sample stitch brush effects
butterfly illustration that has a hand embroidered effect created in Photoshop
Christmas tree that looks embroidered but was created with Photoshop embroidery brushes
image showing the same embroidery brush but sampled from different texture palettes to create different 3d thread effects
abstract thread illustration in bright colors, created using special embroidery Photoshop brushes
mixed media illustration using digital embroidery photoshop brushes, a colorful flower
dimensional fabric and thread rose illustration, embroidered effect created in Photoshop

Download the Embroidery Brush Collection

Download a Free Brush Sampler

Included in the download is...

  • 161 Embroidery, Thread, & Fiber inspired Photoshop brushes
  • 15 Pre-colored texture palette PSD files
  • 10 Metallic Thread palettes in tones of gold, desaturated gold, warm silver, cool silver, two rose golds, and copper
  • 10 Fabric Layer Styles
  • 15 Thread Dimension and Recolor Layer Styles
  • Bonus metallic gold 'palette' PSD for metallic hardware inspired strokes
  • Bonus Dark and Light Digital Round Embroidery Hoop PSDs
  • Brush and palette reference charts: Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the brush strokes and texture palettes
  • An in-depth youtube tutorial playlist to get you started, no matter what your level of Photoshop

    What kind of effects can you create with these Photoshop Thread brushes?

    • Illustrations that look like they are hand embroidered
    • Embroidery and thread accents to photos and photo layouts
    • Digital artwork inspired by fiber art
    • Lettering designs with an embroidered effect
    • Digital illustrations in the style of Thread Painting
    • Designs and illustrations inspired by knitting and crochet stitches
    • Embroidery inspired kits for digital scrapbooking
    • Cross stitch inspired digital designs and illustrations
    • Enhance your illustrations or clip art with embroidered and thread effects
    • Create artistic collage designs with an embroidery style

    Below is a summary of the transcript of the tutorial video above: 

    Hey friends, Jessica here with Creators Couture, and I am thrilled to introduce my latest creation – the Photoshop brush collection, "Embroidery Magic." After months of dedicated work, I've cracked the code to bring the charm of hand-embroidered illustrations into Photoshop. While I previously launched the "Happy Stitches" collection for Adobe Illustrator in 2020, replicating that realistic, textured effect in Photoshop has been a journey. Now, I'm excited to share this brush collection that adds texture, depth, dimension, and stitch direction to your digital creations. In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the essentials of working with these brushes, providing a glimpse into the possibilities that await. Let's dive in!

    Overview of the Brush Collection

    Before delving into the brush previews and tutorial examples, let's explore the extensive variety within this collection. With over 160 brushes, you'll discover classic embroidery styles, knit and crochet effects, and even textures resembling felting and thread painting. What's remarkable is the ability to combine different texture palettes with a single brush, offering a myriad of creative possibilities. From real embroidery stitches to abstract art and holiday-themed illustrations, the collection provides endless options for your artistic endeavors. The included 15 texture palettes add another layer of versatility, allowing you to experiment and discover unique combinations.

    Understanding the Downloaded Files

    Before we jump into the tutorial, let me guide you through the contents of the download file. Alongside the brush charts and main brushes, you'll find cheat sheets for texture palettes, helpful for quick reference during your creative process. Additionally, there's a license document for those considering selling their creations. As a bonus, explore some extra materials like a digital hoop for that authentic embroidered effect. Now, let's proceed to load up the brushes, layer styles, and palettes to kickstart our creative journey.

    Loading Photoshop Brushes, Layer Styles, and Palettes

    Loading these resources is a breeze. Whether double-clicking the files, dragging them onto Photoshop, or using the brush panel and styles panel, you'll have everything ready to go. I've even provided a visual guide for the texture palettes, making it convenient to choose the perfect palette for your project. Now, let's transition to the main tutorial, where I'll demonstrate how to effectively use these brushes, layer styles, and palettes together to create stunning dimensional illustrations.

    Main Tutorial: Crafting Dimensional Embroidery-Inspired Illustrations

    With everything loaded up, we're ready to have some fun! Start by setting up your document, adding a color fill layer, and choosing a fabric layer style for a realistic backdrop. Next, create a new layer, apply a thread layer style, and explore the vast selection of numbered brushes. I've preloaded each brush with a palette, simplifying the process for you. The magic lies in the Photoshop mixer brush technique, creating a fabric or thread-like effect that brings your illustrations to life. I'll guide you through sampling from different color palettes, exploring thread styles, and adjusting settings for optimal results. Get ready to unleash your creativity with these versatile brushes!

    Join me on Behance for live Tutorials!

    As we conclude this introductory tutorial, I'm excited about the incredible potential these brushes unlock for your digital art. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials on Behance, where I'll delve deeper into various techniques and applications. Your support means the world to me, and I can't wait to see the amazing artwork you'll create with the "Embroidery Magic" collection. Don't forget to subscribe for more tutorials, and feel free to drop any questions or requests in the comments below. Until next time, happy creating!

    Download the Embroidery Brush Collection

    Download a Free Brush Sampler

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