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Welcome to Creators Couture Behance Membership

My name is Jessica Johnson! I create game-changing, industry-recognized Photoshop brushes and tutorials that everyone can do - regardless of drawing ability! 

My work has been featured on

Adobe CC  |  Behance  |  Patreon  |  Adobe CC  |  Creative Market

As many of you know, I've had some type of membership / subscription for a while now, but when I was sent an invitation to be a part of the beta "Subscriptions" program on Behance and migrate my subscription there, I knew it was a really great fit -- both for myself and also for my followers! Being within the Adobe ecosystem meant that more people can find my work so that I can focus on creating new content for my members, rather than spending most of my time marketing myself. The thumbnail format makes it really easy to scroll back through and find whatever toolkit you are looking for as a member. Plus, I've been having a lot of fun doing livestreams and connecting more with my community! It's been a lot of fun so far, and I'm really just getting started! 

I have to start out by thanking all of you who have supported me over the years, buying my products again and again. This community is something I could have never dreamed of, and I pinch myself all of the time that I get to do what I love so much and share creativity with others all over the world! 

So, in case you are new or want to know about my subscription, I'm posting all the information below! The bottom line is you can pay simply $10 and get access to a ton of resources not available on my website. You can also cancel anytime! Honestly, I would rather you join for just a month or two and download the tutorial resources so you can enjoy all of the goodies I've put together, rather than missing out on this treasure trove! 

I've also been interviewed and featured on this recent blog post on Behance! Apparently I am one of their most successful subscription creators in this new program, and this is literally only possible because of my amazing community! 

Subscribe to Creators Couture Behance Subscription

Subscribe for only $10 to instantly access hundreds of Photoshop brushes and the entire Creators Couture Tutorial Toolkit Library

551 Photoshop Brushes • 405 Color Blends • 144 Demo PSD files • 116 Photoshop Layer Styles... and counting - last updated June 26, 2022

Commercial Use - Create Digital and Physical Items for sale

Scroll down to see EXACTLY what you are getting! 

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Subscribe on Behance for $10 to access the entire Tutorial Library

Click the subscribe button on the left hand side underneath my profile picture

Access hundreds of Adobe Featured Photoshop brushes and tutorial toolkits

Access my Entire Library of Tutorial Toolkits

Follow along to my tutorials even more easily with project toolkits. Feel free to use these creative kits as a blueprint for your designs, illustrations and products for sale!

access new photoshop CC brush releases

New Product Releases

You get all of my new products released while you are a member, plus select sampler kits from previous releases!

instantly access exclusive photoshop brushes not available anywhere else

Exclusive Brushes & Photoshop Resources

You get exclusive access to tutorial toolkits and brushes not available on my website.

best resources for creating digital items for sale

Create Digital Items for Sale with Peace of Mind

I create unique tools and tutorials, and unlike lots of other digital resource creators -- I actually want you to use my resources to create digital items for sale. I have a few simple guidelines, and am very much here to support my fellow small businesses in creating amazing and unique items for sale!

best resources for creating physical items for sale and print on demand

Create Physical Items for Sale and Print on Demand Designs

My resources and toolkits allow you to create unique and eye catching physical items for sale and print on demand items. Create unique designs that STAND OUT from the sea of unoriginal designs created by everyone using the same online software and templates!

Early access to new photoshop brushes and photoshop toolkits

Early Access to New Releases

Not only do you get access to new Creators Couture product releases while you are a subscriber, you get access to them before everyone else!

Creators Couture Discount Coupon Code

Huge Savings on my Digital Product Collections

You get a discount code to save 25% off all products on Creators Couture, including my massively valuable 'Whole Shop Bundle', which is the creative jumpstart!

Subscribe on Behance for $10 to access the entire Tutorial Library

Click the subscribe button on the left hand side underneath my profile picture

Jessica Johnson Creators Couture

ANYONE can illustrate with Photoshop... yes YOU!

When you join as a Behance subscriber, you get instant access to my ENTIRE library of tutorial toolkits you see in my Subscriber Area, plus some sweet extras!

So...why should you follow a graphic designer-turned-illustrator whose 'realistic' drawing ability is average at best?​​​​​​​

I've been making tools and resources for Photoshop since 2014! This wild and winding journey started by ME trying to come up with ways to overcome my OWN drawing limitations! I'm living proof that you don't have to draw well to create amazing designs and illustrations. If I can do it, so can you! So join me already!

My work has been featured on

Adobe CC  |  Behance  |  Patreon  |  Adobe CC  |  Creative Market

I'm passionate about sharing what I know​​​​​​​

It may sound a bit cheesy, but sharing what I learn and techniques I’ve discovered with others is absolutely the best part of what I am doing right now. To get messages from fellow creators that a technique or tool I’ve shared has helped them in their art, illustration, or design is one of the most rewarding things ever. I think if you’re lucky enough like me to do what you love - and have the time to explore, experiment and grow creatively - you should pass it on… so that’s what I’m doing here!

Do I need to be an illustrator?​​​​​​​

Absolutely not! A HUGE portion of my existing members are designers or amateurs / hobbyists who are expanding their horizons by joining me in harnessing the power of Photoshop and surprising themselves with what they can create?

What do I get as a subscriber? ​​​​​​​

Your active subscription gives you instant access to ALL previous tutorial toolkits and resources in the Subscriber's Area on Behance. On each project, I clearly outline which resources are included for subscribers for that project. It does NOT give you instant access to download products from my website. My subscription resources are project specific tools and resources not available on my website, and are exclusive for members! I do however, give members a generous discount for all product collections on Creators Couture, including my Whole Shop Bundle!

What software do I need? ​​​​​​​

The majority of my tutorials are in Adobe Photoshop, and most of my brushes work with CS6+. I do occasionally do tutorials and tools for Adobe Illustrator CC as well!

Can I sell work made with your brushes and tools? ​​​​​​​

YES! You just can’t redistribute the tools, brushes, and resources (obviously). I’ve got a full common sense guide to creating items for sale HERE. I have lots of followers who create items for sale, and my goal is to give you a HUGE value with my resources!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and join the fun!

Subscribe on Behance for $10 to access the entire Tutorial Library

Click the subscribe button on the left hand side underneath my profile picture

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