Photoshop Tip: Using a brush to stroke a path + Free Jewel Trim Brush Download

Here's a tutorial I put together on stroking a path in Photoshop. Personally, my main workflow is in Photoshop, and I just pop over to Illustrator strategically. I prefer more of a 'paint' illustration style, so Photoshop suits me just perfectly! However, you may have wanted to outline a path with a brush like you do in Illustrator. Did you know you can also do that in Photoshop? In this video, I'll show you how, it's quite easy! 

As a special bonus, I have the brush that I use in this tutorial as a free download and you can get it here! If you find this tutorial useful, be sure to share it or pin the brush freebie! Enjoy! Jess

Get the Free Photoshop Brush

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