Create easy Frozen Inspired Cards, Printables and more with Frosted & Frozen 1-click Styles for Photoshop and Illustrator

by Jessica Johnson April 03, 2015

So I was getting inspired by a certain popular motion picture and thought, how can I translate this into a kit that is useful and elegant and great for all kinds of winter designs, both practical and decorative... and the result is another delicious collection of styles, this time for both PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR in one turnkey kit! You've got 1 click styles for photoshop, the whole source pattern set which makes it easy to flip through styles, a movie inspired colors palette for both photoshop and Illustrator, and exciting wintery brushes for Photoshop!

The Style Collections include: Glacially Deep, Arctic Crystals, Liquid Ice, Icy Sequins, Shimmering Snow, Sparkling Frosts, and Iridescent Icicles! Apply them in any color with a color overlay on the layer style!

Check out the Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit HERE

Check out the Frosted & Frozen Creative Kit HERE

Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson


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