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Vectallic Magic Ultimate Brush Creator

Vectallic Magic Ultimate Brush Creator

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Giving you the whole playbook, the keys to the kingdom, my book of secrets — I present to you the Ultimate Brush Creator!

The Ultimate Brush Creator is a supplement to the Megapack Collection (So make sure you get the MegaPack FIRST), and it allows you to make your OWN brushes using the templates I have setup. I worked (literally) for the last 3 months on this product, so that you can be making your own brushes in seconds!

I worked 3 months on this, so you get to have fun and play!
When I was making these brushes, in my typically enthusiastic manner, I made WAY TOO MANY different paint styles. In fact, I made 120 different painted style variations. Add this to the fact that I made 64 main brush templates — well, if you do the multiplication, that gives you 7,680 different brush possibilities. Since I obviously couldn’t include all of the possible combinations, I thought it would be cool to give you my source files so that you could generate your own brushes with any shape and any style you like in seconds! You get my entire source kit and brush generator PSDs, so that all you have to do is just jump in and start creating your own brush combinations in seconds! Not only that, you can color them in Illustrator using the resources from my Megapack Collection with NONE of the tedious work!

The Ultimate Brush Creator Includes:

120 Beautifully Unique Paint Stroke Styles:
In the Megapack, I only managed to use 58 of the paint styles I created, but in this kit, you get all 120 unique and creamy paint stroke variations! They are saved as a photoshop PAT file, so that you can instantly apply the paint styles on your chosen brush shape in Photoshop.

Photoshop Instant Brush Builder PSDs:
4 Photoshop master files which contain every master brush shape I made. Simply pick the shape you want and then scroll through the pattern overlays to pick the style of paint you want on your stroke! There are 4 master templates, one for the short brushes, one for medium, one for long strokes, and one for extra long strokes.

Photoshop Add-On Styles:
These color add on styles are handy if you want to pre-color the gold strokes before pasting them into Illustrator.

Original Source JPEGs:
I give you all 120 styles as JPEG images, just in case you want to use them as a clipping mask instead of applying the styles as a pattern overlay. You don’t really need them to make brushes, but if I’m giving you my whole kit, I might as well give you my source images!

Styles Reference Chart:
Want a way to browse through all these styles to pick JUST the one you want? I’ve got you covered with an organized PDF contact sheet showing you ALL the styles!

Blank Brush Charts:
Type A personalities rejoice! If you are an organized type of person, you can use the same kind of brush chart as I did on my megapack to keep your newly made brushes all nice and organized — or not, it’s up to you!

The Complete Set Up for Maximum Creativity!
In short, I’ve completely set you up for success and maximum creativity without any of the hassle of having to do all the dirty work of lining up the brushes in Illustrator (for the color versions), creating the styles, etc. I’ve worked, toiled, and tweaked over 3 months to create this setup and workflow, so that you get to just have fun and create!

What version of Photoshop and Illustrator do I need to use the Ultimate Brush Creator?
You MUST have Illustrator CC to use and create these brushes, as they are image based. You will also need a copy of Photoshop to use the Master Brush Creator templates.

What level of Illustrator and Photoshop knowledge do I need to have to create my own brushes?
This is a product for a designer who wants more options and more creative control, and you definitely need to be at a basic to intermediate level of Photoshop and Illustrator. I go through the brush creation process in explicit detail though, so I’m confident if you can work with the Vectallic Magic brushes you can also create your own brushes!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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