How I use Creative Cloud Libraries and Tool Presets for Faster Illustration in Photoshop

Watch my process as I take trends from the runway and interpret them into my own illustration collection

Creative Cloud Libraries was a feature that I was a little slow to adopt, but has quickly become one of my more important tools for illustrating a cohesive collection. It allows me to keep a consistent color pallete among various designs, quickly find layer styles that I use over and over as well as graphics. The only way it could be better is if we could save photoshop brushes in there as well (AMIRITE?!). Right now, you can only see photoshop brushes in there if you created them in the mobile adobe app, but I totally think you should be able to save brushes from Photoshop in there as well! 

In lieu of being able to save brushes in the Creative Cloud Libraries, I do the next thing better and really utilize my tool presets strategically and save project brushes with the color already saved for super fast workflow. Doing this has helped my illustration speed immensely! I try to keep all of my other brushes saved as Photoshop ABR brushes, and keep TPLs panel for project specific brushes. I'll get into that on one of my next tutorials!

So in this video you can watch me take a couture fashion inspiration and follow my illustration process as I interpret the trends into a set of patterns, a set of flowers, and some products! Do you have any hot tips for me on how you work with Creative Cloud? If so, let me know in the comments! xoxo Jessica

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Thanks so much for the heads up Stefanie! I just updated those! Thanks again! xx Jess

Jessica Johnson

Your videos don’t seem to be showing properly on your site here. It’s like 1/4 inch sliver of the video showing and obviously doesn’t play. I was however able to watch doing a search for you on Youtube. Not a issue for me but I’m sure you want your site working properly :)


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