The Perfect Gold: Introducing the all new 24 Karat Gold Collection for Photoshop and Illustrator

After hearing one request again and again, I've finally answered back! I had a lot of designers loving the InstaGlam styles, but wanted some smoother and less patterned styles. After much hard work and careful tweaking, I'm proud to introduce the all new 24 Karat Gold Timeless gold collection, my very best collection yet!

What makes this style collection unique and special?

  • Super creamy refined styles that look amazing for very large backgrounds as well as intricate designs
  • Carefully painted gold luxury styles expertly adjusted for the perfect gold color with no tints of green
  • Designed with maximum versatility, apply them at 100, 50 or 25% scale for ultimate refinement!

Photoshop & Illustrator Combo Version

Photoshop Version

Illustrator Version

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