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    Intro Pricing Ends soon: A carefully crafted VERSATILE and EDITED collection of pressure sensitive brushes that will soon become your NEW ESSENTIALS! I created this set of ‘foundation’ brushes purely out of my own need as an illustrator, and am happy to share this collection with my fellow creators! This edited collection is unique because the SIZE, TEXTURE and FLOW are all controlled via the pressure sensitivity, which allows for naturally amazing, textural strokes and incredible versatility with each brush stroke. I was especially influenced by fashion illustrators on instagram, and although I was building a foundation set, I wanted the versatility to create bold, textural strokes that are meant to be NOTICED!

    Compatible with Photoshop CS5+ and Adobe Fresco! 
    For CS5 users, simply load the TPL file for the smudgers instead of the ABR file! Everything else is the same! For Procreate compatibility, see details below! 

    It's time for an Anti-Racist REVOLUTION!
     Until AT LEAST the end of this month, I'm donating 25% of the sales of these brushes (which have been months in the making) to anti-racist and Black Lives Matters Charities! I'll be sharing the sales weekly via newsletter and social media -- and if you have any suggestions on worthy charities, please DM me! I've bookmarked several resources on social media already!

    Back to Basics with your NEW Essential Brush Collection!

    VERSATILE: No matter what your illustration style, you are covered. Use the brushes at small size for detail. Fill in shapes with full pressure. Use light pressure to bring out the natural texture in each versatile brush. Beautiful tapered strokes add to the natural feel in your digital illustration!

    EDITED: I created this collection because I wanted an EDITED collection that gave me EXACTLY the natural results I was looking for (and not finding) with standard brushes. With just 40 main brushes, you can achieve ALL the strokes you need and want, without searching through filler and fluff!

    ESSENTIAL: As many of you know, I LOVE color-blending brush magic! But you ALWAYS need a good foundation set, and I’m proud to share with you your NEW ESSENTIALS!

    Included in the download is...

    • Sketcher brush + 3 Basic brushes
    • 40 Main Brushes: 26 Dry Media Brushes + 14 Wet Media Brushes
    • 6 Smudge Brushes for Color Blending
    • A super handy vertical/sidebar format 'cheat sheet' that you can use side by side with your document while illustrating in Photoshop 

    Procreate compatibility: As these are standard 1-color brushes, they are compatible and you can load them into Procreate. I have noticed some differences on a few of the brushes, so please be aware that not every brush may behave EXACTLY as the original Photoshop version. 

  • What is the allowed use? Can I create items for sale with these resources?
    Check out my EASY LICENSE overview which outlines the VERY GENEROUS extended use terms! Bonus: as these resources are TOOLS, they are especially useful if you create digital resources for sale! I've made it my goal to create the type of products that will help you in your creative success, while making the creative process EASIER and more FUN! I want to help you grow your business, whether you create items for sale or use the resources for client and branding work. See the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale... 

    Easy License Overview

  • Need some ideas on how to use the color palette collections?

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    Use these color palettes to create graphics, illustrations, patterns and textures for social media graphics, your online store, branding, physical products for sale, social media inspirational quotes, invitations, stationery, wedding invitations, feminine designs, packaging, blog graphics, digital collages, presentations, mood boards, social media banners, flyers, business cards, brochures, editorial designs, and much more!

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