Shimmery Swirls: Metallic Styles for Photoshop & Illustrator

Shimmery Swirls: 1-click metallic paint styles for both Photoshop AND Illustrator

Ok, so you have all these amazing brush and calligraphy fonts now, can't you just imagine how cool they will look in metallic paint? Instead of sending off for a paint set and practicing your strokes endlessly, why not sit back, relax and let Photoshop or Illustrator do the heavy lifting! I set out to create a swirly, metallic paint inspired style set that had bits of shimmer and shine included, but in a VERY REFINED way... and the result is this set of FABULOUS 1-click styles that look simply AMAZING on your fonts, illustrations and MORE! No steady hand or paint required!

Video tutorial below if you need any help!

As usual, this set has the refinement you come to expect from my style sets, plus TONS of value as well. Why pay $15 for a few variations of a single effect, when you get so many flawless styles with my 1-click effects. No mess, no smart PSDs or overly complicated illustrator styles dragging you down... just magic!

Buy with confidence! My new products are exclusive to Creative Market and my own site. My focus is on consistently exceptional, couture quality resources at everyday, affordable prices. xx Jess

100 1-CLICK Photoshop (ASL) Layer Styles for print AND 100 for WEB:

  • I took all of the delicious patterns and created a one-click layer style for them in gold, nuetral and silver
  • Bonus: 'Smart' Color styes let you apply the style on your favorite color for instant color style effects
  • Full seamless pattern source collection
  • Click on the layer style and move pattern around to see different effects
  • No Smart Objects: Work within your OWN document size and resolution!
  • Video Tutorial:

Amazing 1-click pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator

  • I took all of the delicious patterns and created a one-click pattern swatch in both gold and silver
  • SMART action let's you apply any style over a color to apply it the styles in THAT color!
  • Turn any gold into 'neutral gold' with 1 click
  • Pattern swatches allow for brilliant effects without bogging your program down
  • Your text stays LIVE with effects applied!
  • Apply in gold, silver, neutral gold, or any color!
  • Video Tutorial:

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