Extended Use License for the Creative Couture System

You create items for resale and want to use styles contained in these magical creative systems I've made. You're in luck! Not only to I have this option available, it's at an INCREDIBLY affordable price and I've made clear guidelines on extended use. You simply buy it once per system, and you can use it again and again on all of your designs or resale products, it's very generous so you have no excuse not to grab one!

I am finding more and more designers who make items for resale are loving my products, and I am committed to giving you powerful tools that not only help you create beautiful designs, but save you TONS of time with the actions and systems I've put in place. Please respect the guidelines for extended use on my products, I worked long and hard so you don't have to.

After your purchase, please send me a message with a link to where you sell online.

Guidelines for Extended Use:

You make and sell photoshop templates:
• You can include a reasonable amount of styles to suit your design as long as you RASTERIZE the layer styles or pattern fills.
• Please do not 'stuff' a photoshop template with a bunch of patterns or styles as 'options' for your design.
• On PSD files, it's quite easy to rasterize the styles and use them as a clipping mask, but if you must an actual pattern via fill or overlay, limit 1 per design please.

You make and sell vector logos or art:
• You can use up to two styles in your vector logo or art for resale, this includes logo designs!
• You can also opt to give your customer those 2 styles as jpeg ‘papers’ of any size included in your package
• On a vector file, it’s not quite as easy to rasterize the ‘style’ since the point is to scale to any size, so you can include up to 2 pattern swatches with your unique vector design.

You sell physical products or printables:
• You can use as many styles as you like on physical items for resale with the Extended Use License option!
• You can use as many styles as you like on flattened printables for resale with the
Extended Use License option!

NOTE: You can’t create textures/papers or a texture/paper pack for resale based on the included patterns & styles ONLY slightly modified or colorized, because that would be basically redistributing my product. However, you CAN create your own totally new digital papers or texture packs if you've used the styles on some ELEMENTS in your papers and created your own unique pattern / paper.

Thanks again for respecting my terms on my own line of unique products. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask via comments or send me a direct message. xoxo Jessica

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