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Boho Neutral Color Palettes for Color-Blending Photoshop Brushes

Boho Neutral Color Palettes for Color-Blending Photoshop Brushes

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These multi-color palettes are the perfect jump start for all of your Boho Neutral design and illustration projects! As many of you know, I love to use color... but elegant neutrals are still having a moment, so I put together these color-blend palettes to help you get a jump start on your projects. I sampled tons of photos to create these blends, sampling images featuring items such as pampas grass, greenery, macrame and neutral colored textile fabrics, wheat, and light woods. These photoshop brush palettes are for use with any of my color-blending impressionist brushes! I've also added a solid color palette collection for Photoshop, as well as a free brush sampler! 

Bonus Artistic Brush Sampler I've also included a 5 brush sampler from my Artistic Autumn collection, which I really must rename, because it is one of my favorite brush collections that I use all of the time! This collection is really special, because it has some very versatile, painterly inspired brushes, but also there are some foliage inspired brushes. The great thing about these foliage inspired brushes, is that they don't need to be used specifically for autumn! When you use a green color palette, they are perfect for creating painterly strokes with a hint of green and foliage! 

Want some more free brushes? Don't forget, I've partnered with Adobe Creative Cloud to bring you some of my color blending impressionist brushes for free, so if you don't already have some of my brushes, you can ALSO get a different brush sampler free on Adobe Creative Cloud

Need some photographic Inspiration? I have included a link to my Unsplash collection of photography Inspiration for this color palette collection! Unsplash is a great place to find completely free photos for your personal AND commercial projects! 

Don't forget you can mix and match color palettes and brushes from ALL of my Impressionist Brush + Color Blending Collections!

Included in the download is...

  • 72 Impressionist Palettes: A .PAT Photoshop Pattern file to load and use with the Color Blending Impressionist Brushes or ANY of the Impressionist Brushes for Photoshop by Creators Couture. There are 3 collections: Neutrals, Greens, and Rich Reds which are great for Christmas Designs
  • Solid color palette for Photoshop: 59 colors
  • Bonus: 5 Brushes from the Artistic Autumn Collection

Ideas for Use:

  • Create digital backgrounds for sale
  • Create instagram templates in a neutral style
  • Social media graphics design
  • Templates and illustrations for sale
  • Blog and Pinterest graphics
  • The list is endless... for more ideas, subscribe to my Youtube, and follow me on Instagram!

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

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