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All Access Design Pass: Unlock my entire collection of design resources!

Hi, I'm Jessica! I’m a designer turned illustrator who’s been featured on top design sites such as Creative Market and Design Cuts!

I’m dedicated to creating the absolute best quality creative tools, resources and tutorials to help creators like you make your BEST WORK EVER and LEVEL UP your skills no matter where you are on your creative journey!

With the All Access Design pass you have access to every single design resource on this site, the entire catalogue of templates on my sister site, all blog and social media downloads, and EXCLUSIVE tutorials where I share my BEST tips and secret techniques! 

Game Changing Photoshop Brushes
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Get unlimited access to my entire catalogue of groundbreaking photoshop brushes. These brushes have changed the game in Photoshop, and are the culmination of years of work and experimentation on my end, so that you can just pick up a digital brush and start creating magic!

  • 290 impressionist brushes with 760 color blends and counting!
  • 60 wet paint brushes with 615 palettes and counting!
  • No filler, no fluff -- and I'm adding new brushes and palettes ALL THE TIME!

"LOVE!! Huge fan of Jessica's products!... I'm a fan for life! If you're on the fence, just buy her stuff. Hands down my most treasured digital products I've ever bought...and I've bought a ton." - Kelly Wilson

Luxurious Layer Styles
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Layer styles are where I 'made my name', starting with the original Instaglam, which sparked a gold foil trend that is still going strong years later. My layer styles are meticulously crafted, and I use them daily in my design and illustration workflow!

  • 721 layer styles for both Photoshop and Illustrator and counting!
  • Add-on styles let you apply any style in variations of gold, silver, rose gold, copper and any color!
  • Each style is truly unique. They are not just re-colored versions of the same style

"OMG!!! I was screaming when I found this. Everybody loves the luxe gold. This is a designer's dream come true. Thank you Jessica!!!" - Danielle Murrell

Illustrations, Textures & Patterns
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The prêt-à-porter or 'ready-to-wear' part of my collection. Fashionable design pieces all beautifully made and ready to go for your design projects! Versatile, fashion-inspired graphics resources for all your graphic design and illustration projects. Includes generous extended use license built in for those creating items for sale!

  • Illustrations, textures and patterns inspired by the latest runway trends
  • Generous extended use for my fellow creative entrepreneurs
  • Drag and drop creating has never been so fashionable!

"Incredible, Jessica! Absolutely lovely! I am so excited to start designing with this kit" - Olivia Marshall

Amazing Illustrator Brushes
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Revolutionary image brushes I've created taking advantage of the latest 'Image Brush' technology with Adobe Illustrator that let you completely revolutionize your illustrator workflow and save time and energy, skipping repetitive illustration work!

"Looks great! I've been wanting something like this for the longest time ... thanks so much for your wonderful product & your videos." - Julie Campbell

Runway Inspired Color Palettes

Choosing colors and creating a sophisticated color palette for your designs can be a time consuming process which can slow down your workflow and your bottom line.

Stop stressing and start painting in the colors of the very latest fashions from the runways of New York, Milan, and Paris... ready-made color palettes you can load up into your favorite color-blending Photoshop brushes by Creators Couture!

"Your color blends are wonderful! I have a number of your sets and have gotten so much out of them. After watching some of your very helpful videos I am even making some of my own color blends. But I keep coming back to the wonderful sets you create" - Jaci Sloan


Versatile Photoshop Templates

Want your instagram, blog or social media profile to stand out in the sea of boring, cookie cutter look-alikes? Dress your social media for success with these templates inspired by looks STRAIGHT from the latest runways!

  • Access to the approximately 400 templates and collections on our sister site
  • Versatile templates you can use / remix / adapt for your unique needs
  • New templates added regularly on Creators Couture

"I've been a 'fan/follower' of Jessica's for a while now and I'm utterly awed each time she releases a new product. I'm now an addict!!!!" - JC Clarke


Exclusive Tutorials: Watch. Learn. Grow.

No matter where you are in your creative journey, I show you the secrets I've uncovered through my years of experimentation, as well as smart designer hacks for creating illustrations, patterns, graphics, and more!

You will be shocked to see how easy it is to create designs and illustrations you never thought possible, with a bit of guidance and some powerful creative tools!

  • Members have access to ALL the tools I use in EACH tutorial
  • Learn secret techniques not available on my public YouTube
  • My insider tips can help you make the creative process faster, easier, and more fun!

"Thanks so much Jessica xxx - you are my favourite designer to purchase from I love love love all your work and videos on youtube you are AMAZING!!!! thanks again for all your hardwork :) " - Shona Beattie

extended use

Generous Extended Use Included

I want to help you create beautiful items for sale - and make your process easier, faster and more fun!

Fellow creators -- I've made it my GOAL to create the type of products that will help YOU in your creative success and make it easier and more fun to create beautiful graphics and designs!

You can create both physical AND digital items for sale with the resources I've created, and I've got an easy to understand license page with some common sense guidelines!

Your success is my success!

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  • EARLY ACCESS to my latest products, before they are available for sale
  • Most importantly... Exclusive Tutorials to help you LEARN and GROW, no matter where you are in your creative journey. I share my best tips and most secret techniques with members!

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