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My customers are the reason I get to follow my passion every day,
and I never forget it!

“Over 100 purchases made on CM and this is by far my favorite! Thank you for investing the time into creating this for us xx” — Kay C on InstaGlam

“Congrats on making the top products of 2014 list; well deserved!! Your Creative Couture Collection should be on that list as well, but I suppose they needed to spread the love around :-) Both are terrific additions.” — Julianne Pion on InstaGlam

“Just purchased, watched the first tutorial video, and started playing with these. This is awesome beyond belief!!! Jessica, thank you for making an extended license available, and thank you for creating these. I'm an old Photoshop user/instructor, way back to v2 in the early 90s, and I'm blown away! What a work saver, and a dynamite resource.” — Linda Carruth on InstaGlam

“You rock Jessica Johnson! Yeah we needed to get the Creative Couture PSD collection... But you're collections are like Pokémon and we need to get them all (okay that was dorky...) thanks again :-)” — Link Caffeine on InstaGlam

“If you've been debating about grabbing this system, you should grab it! I haven't used Photoshop in a few years and normally only used it for photography editing... The brushes, patterns, and actions were easy to load and Jessica's videos make it even easier if you have no clue what you're doing. It takes 2 seconds to add some sparkle to your project. If you have any issues or need to ask Jessica something, she'll get back to you quickly (which is awesome). I'm pretty happy with my new toy right about now!” — Cait Shurilla on InstaGlam

“I had to stop in the middle of what I was doing to comment on how awesome this kit is!! It's fun! And it allows the artist to easily add flair to his or her work. Thank you so much for this gift! Truly worth every penny! And the tutorials are fantastic!” — Nicole Reid on InstaGlam

“Hi Jessica! I just wanted to say that I purchased the InstaGlam PSD System in October and absolutely fell in love with it! So much so, I just purchased the InstaGlam for Illustrator and I am beyond thrilled to begin playing around with it. You are amazing at what you do! Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to benefit from your genius talent. :)” — Olivia Marshall on InstaGlam for Illustrator

“Holy Moly! This is the third product of yours that I just purchased! Love every single one of your products. Everything Jessica Johnson touches turns to SPARKLE!!!” — Kerry Lynn on Creative Couture for Photoshop

“Absolutely love this, I am a TOTAL beginner and this is SO user friendly. In combination with your fantastic tutorials on YT, I am re-designing my whole Ballroom Dance website with some well deserved Creative Couture.” — Stacey Newman on Creative Couture for Photoshop

“One more GREAT collection! I'm in love with all your glitter collections, they are absolutely gorgeous!” — Beart Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions on Creative Couture for Photoshop

“Girl, you are KILLING it! LOVE this, I have and love InstaGlam and I am so excited to start playing with this! I already have the Christmas Collection too, lol. LOVE it, I'm a beauty blogger and it's been awesome for gift guides!” — Angela Peters on Creative Couture for Photoshop

“Beyond amazing! So much fun to play with! You will not regret getting this kit.” — Sonya DeHart on Creative Couture for Illustrator

“All I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!! What a wonderful system. Thank You Jessica for including the extended use license for the initial release!!” — Julie Hansen on Watercolor Fantasies for Illustrator

“So desperately in love with this :) Thank you so much! Very happy I sighed up for your newsletter yesterday and caught the deal with discount. Now have such a huge wishlist of your products ;)” — Elena Kozlyakova on Shimmery Paint Styles for Illustrator

“oh my goodness. Obsessed with gold and haven't been able to find anything that looks very good. So in love with this set. I am going to be playing with all the different options for days : ) Thank you!” — Jayme Billy Pierce on 24 Karat Gold Collection for Photoshop

“These are fabulous! Just like all of your other products :) It feels like Christmas morning when you come out with something new! Thanks for all of your hard work to provide us with such beautiful design tools. They are so useful and really fun to just play around with, too!” — SarahAnne on 24 Karat Gold Collection Photoshop + Illustrator Combo

“WOW - YOU have done it again Jessica Johnson! ;)” — Roz Fruchtman on 24 Karat Gold Collection Photoshop + Illustrator Combo

“Perfect as always!” — Beart Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Actions on 24 Karat Gold Collection Photoshop + Illustrator Combo


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