Watercolor Fantasies Combo for Photoshop & Illustrator

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Fresh and fabulous watercolor styles you've never seen before, directly in Photoshop AND Illustrator! Save $15 with this special combo deal!

These fabulous watercolor styles have hints of glimmer and glam, shimmer and shine and are so fun and easy to use! You simply apply with just a click and it uses the color ALREADY on your layer as the base color... HOW EASY IS THAT? Not only that, you can change the color or STYLE at any time so easily. Text, shapes, brushes and patterns come alive with just a click... No mess, just magic!

2 minute demos ☞ http://youtu.be/GoWkdJ9VXyMhttp://youtu.be/fZXNjEeyR9k

Watercolor Fantasies for Photoshop

Watercolor Fantasies for Illustrator

Video Tutorials ☞ http://youtu.be/lx_2Cli3CVUhttp://youtu.be/RS5PMNBNfdI

These styles are NOT just a few styles re-colored but 140 unique 1-click styles you can apply to ANY COLOR. There are 55 base styles, and all of them have both a light and intense version to help you get JUST the look you want and 30 of them have a 3rd style that I added EXTRA glimmer and shimmer to!

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