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Shimmery Christmas Greenery & Luxe Wreath Illustrations

$ 12.00

Ready-to-use Shimmery Christmas Greenery & Luxe Wreath Illustrations, perfect for all of your Christmas and Holiday design projects! 

The unique holiday illustration collection features wonderful Christmas greenery such as cedar, spruce, pine, fir, juniper, mistletoe, holly, boxwood, and more. There are very subtle shimmery green accents which make the illustrations stand out and give them depth. Touches of gold accents provide the final touch! 

Not only do I provide you with totally couture illustrations and patterns you will NOT find anywhere else, but I put them together in set of PSD's so you can drag and drop them into your designs.

Generous Extended Use LicenseSee the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale!

Your Shimmery Christmas Greenery & Luxe Wreath Collections include:

  • 8 PSD files with the illustration pieces all together. Drag and drop illustrations... yes, please!
  • 1 Wreath Creator PSD file with the ready made wreaths in separate layers and groups for easy customization. So easy it hurts!
  • 200+ individual illustration elements are also provided as individual PNGs with transparency, so you can use them in other image editing programs
  • Bonus Gold Style for Photoshop from my 24 Karat Gold Collection 

Products used to create the illustrations: 24K Gold for Photoshop, Creative Couture styles for the shimmer in the greenery and wreaths! 

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Shimmery Christmas Greenery & Luxe Wreath Illustrations: ready made holiday wreaths
Shimmery Christmas Greenery & Luxe Wreath Illustrations: greenery preview sheet

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