Rosé Wine Inspired Color Palettes & Brushes

  • Join me in the Rosé Challenge! To start it off, here is the 50 Shades of Rosé Color Palette collection, for use with any of my impressionist and wet paint brushes for Photoshop! Scroll down to see the full palettes!

    I love when things line up so perfectly! I was already starting to work on a Rosé wine inspired collection this past month, when I saw the news that Rosé All Day is posting a Rosé influencer challenge, and they are giving away $10,000 and a trip to France! I thought what a perfect time to hurry up my Rosé collection, and we can all join in the fun and create some Rosé art together. Plus, it IS the start of summer, and that is Rosé season! In case you didn't realize, Rosé themed art is VERY popular on etsy and instagram, so this could be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get eyes on your work! Stay tuned to my blog and newsletter for the latest news! This is just the beginning, I am working on tutorials, ready made graphics and more Rosé themed goodies! 

    Included in the download is...

    • 50 Impressionist Palettes: A .PAT Photoshop Pattern file to load and use with ANY of the Impressionist Brushes for Photoshop by Creators Couture (sold separately, but you get a sampler pack to get you started)
    • 50 Wet Paint Palettes: A PSD file with the wet paint palettes for use with the Wet Paint Studio Photoshop Brushes (sold separately, but you get a sampler pack to get you started)
    • A Photoshop Swatch .ACO file with 50 solid colors
    • 16 Hand Drawn Wine Bottle Illustrative Photoshop Brushes
    • BONUS! Color Blending Photoshop Brush Sampler (10): 8 Impressionist and 2 Wet Paint Photoshop brushes

  • These beautiful, pre-mixed color palette collections are for use with the Wet Paint Studio Photoshop Brushes and ANY of the Impressionist Pattern Photoshop Brushes by Creators Couture! 

    To use the wet paint palettes, you will need The Wet Paint Studio for Photoshop! 
    The wet paint studio is my revolutionary mixer brush system which allows Photoshop users of all levels to effortlessly paint in beautiful, wet paint strokes! 


    To use the impressionist palettes, you will need ANY of the Impressionist Brush Collections for Photoshop! 
    The Impressionist Collections contain my revolutionary pattern brush system which allows Photoshop users of all levels to effortlessly paint in impressionist, color blending strokes! 

    Artistic Autumn Brush Studio 
    My latest, most versatile, most refined and most artistic color mixing pattern brush collection!

    Modern Impressionist Pattern Brush Studio 
    The master collection that started it all! A brilliant mix of stylistic color mixing pattern brushes!

    Romantic English Garden Photoshop Brushes 
    Elegant brushes with bold and subtle floral strokes. Perfect for feminine and wedding designs!


    Palm Beach Garden Party Photoshop Brush Studio 
    Bold, bright and dynamic color blending brushes, with lots of watercolor and splashes!

  • What is the allowed use? Can I create items for sale with these resources?
    Check out my EASY LICENSE overview which outlines the VERY GENEROUS extended use terms! Bonus: as these resources are TOOLS, they are especially useful if you create digital resources for sale! I've made it my goal to create the type of products that will help you in your creative success, while making the creative process EASIER and more FUN! I want to help you grow your business, whether you create items for sale or use the resources for client and branding work. See the easy license page for a few common sense guidelines about creating items for sale... 

    Easy License Overview

  • Need some ideas on how to use the color palette collections?

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    Use these color palettes to create graphics, illustrations, patterns and textures for social media graphics, your online store, branding, physical products for sale, social media inspirational quotes, invitations, stationery, wedding invitations, feminine designs, packaging, blog graphics, digital collages, presentations, mood boards, social media banners, flyers, business cards, brochures, editorial designs, and much more! 

  • Rosé wine inspired color palettes

Rosé wine inspired color palettesrosé wet brush palettes

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