Creators Couture is now on Patreon!

by Jessica Johnson February 18, 2020

Creators Couture is now on Patreon!

creators couture on patreon

Hi friends! I’m so excited to bring to you an exciting new membership experience for Creators Couture in 2020... I have just created a PATREON!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership site that allows me to reward patrons with various benefits depending on the membership tier / pledge level. This platform is even better because it allows me to offer different membership tiers, thus more options for you! It also is super easy to use for both myself and you as members, so I can focus on bringing you more creative tools, tutorials, and resources

If you are a regular purchaser of my creative tools and resources, there is something for you on Patreon! I encourage you to check it out immediately, if not sooner! 😉

Creators Couture on Patreon

In case you're not familiar with me (yet), I'm Jessica! I’m a designer who has taken a wild and winding path to become an illustrator, and I’ve created this Patreon page to share the creative journey with you! I have a special passion for illustrating with Photoshop brushes, and I’ve collaborated twice recently with Adobe to share my #PhotoshopBrushMagic with fellow Adobe users!

It may sound a bit cheesy, but sharing what I learn and techniques I’ve discovered with others is absolutely the best part of what I am doing right now. To get messages from fellow creators that a technique or tool I’ve shared has helped them in their art, illustration, or design is one of the most rewarding things ever. I think if you’re lucky enough like me to do what you love - and have the time to explore, experiment and grow creatively - you should pass it on… so that’s what I’m doing here! 

Why have a Patreon page? 
I am truly passionate about creating tools and tutorials for other creators, as well as sharing my techniques with others - whether professional or hobbyist. Patreon allows me to create more content at a faster pace, without always having to worry about marketing every single thing! Plus, it allows followers a single place for all creative releases, without having to bounce around between platforms! I love my job creating tools, resources, and tutorials for fellow creators, and this new platform will allow me to continue doing so, while bringing greater value to you! If you are already an 'All-Access' member, keep reading below the video for information on moving to the new platform if that is something that interests you!


Creators Couture on Patreon

More information below if you are already an 'All-Access' member, and are interested in moving over to the new platform...

Why the new platform?

This new platform will allow me to bring you a BETTER membership experience at a BETTER price! No more searching around for tutorial downloads, no more having to search around various social media platforms to make sure you didn’t miss anything I’m making… everything is in ONE easy place, with your downloads instantly accessible within each post!

If you are already an "All-Access" member, what does this mean for you?

Creators Couture ‘All-Access’ will run exactly the same for a while, I’m not stopping the membership! You will continue to have access to the ENTIRE digital product catalog on as well as the ‘back catalog’ of templates on my previous site! You will have access to all new product downloads, as WELL as all new tutorial / demo resources. I have created a new schedule for tutorials, and will be creating at least one tutorial each week with a new set of tools for each one. You can access downloads/tools I reference on my social media via your membership dashboard - under blog and social media downloads, there is an INSTANT ACCESS folder link where tools for tutorials will be added!

Will your membership be migrated automatically?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to migrate them automatically, because the platforms are completely different. If you decide you want to be a PATRON at ANY one of the membership levels, you can go ahead and JOIN HERE. My Patreon is ALREADY LIVE! I want to give you a special offer, but unfortunately Patreon doesn’t have discount codes. So what I CAN do is if you join NOW at ANY one of the membership tiers, I will refund your last payment to my “All-Access Design pass” (unless it’s your first payment) and you will ALSO have access to the back catalog until the end of your membership period!

How do I cancel my membership ahead of the move to Patreon?

You cancel your membership directly via Paypal! I have a video HERE showing how! Alternatively, you can send me a direct message to, and I will cancel your membership for you! If you join my new Patreon at ANY level, I will refund your last month's payment (unless it’s your first payment) and you will still have access to your membership for the remainder of your period. Remember, All-Access will continue on for some time in the future, so nothing will change for your membership.

Are there any major differences to the membership?

The only major difference is that none of the membership levels come with access to my ‘entire catalog’ by default. This allows members to join WITHOUT a larger up front payment. However, it’s even better because you can now buy the ‘whole shop bundle’ at a massively discounted price. As legacy members, this won’t be necessary for you as you already have access to the whole catalog until you cancel, so be sure you download everything you need before then! If you just joined within the last month or recently, I would recommend downloading all of my resources within the month. You can cancel ANYTIME before your month is done, and you will STILL have access for the rest of your month. Then you can join my new Patreon if you wish to continue to have access to new products, tools, and tutorials! 

If you have ANY questions, message me DIRECTLY at, and I will be happy to answer anything!! I am SO EXCITED about this year, and this new platform will allow me to bring you MORE tutorials and resources, along with a completely upgraded experience for you! I can focus on creating more content, instead of marketing every little thing, and you can get more VALUE at an even better price! Win-Win!

THANK YOU for your support and here’s to an amazing 2020!

Upwards! Jessica

Creators Couture on Patreon

Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson


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